Katie Keith Barn2 WordPress Plugins


Operations Director

With a 15-year background in WordPress, project management & marketing, Katie oversees everything at Barn2. She’s in charge of plugin support, documentation, business development, and marketing. She loves giving top-notch advice on how to get the most out of WordPress and our plugins.

Andy Keith


Technical Director

Andy is Technical Director at Barn2 and heads up the plugin development team. Working in the industry over 15 years, he’s an experienced software developer with a strong background in PHP. He’s been developing WordPress themes and plugins since 2010. He strives for our plugins to be best in class, and provides some of the more advanced technical support to our customers.

5 Reasons to Use Our Plugins

After building 100’s of websites ourselves, we know exactly what people want from a WordPress plugin. We work tirelessly to perfect every step.


Developed and maintained in-house by our UK WordPress experts.


Fast, personal support directly from the plugin creators. We usually reply within 1 working day, often much sooner.


Lightweight and robust codebase, developed according to the latest WordPress standards and best practices.


Regular updates to add new features and ensure compatibility with new versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.


Detailed knowledgebase and tutorials to help you get the most out of our plugins.

What Our Customers Say


We’ve been passionate about WordPress since 2009. From our roots as a web design company, we’re now one of the world’s top plugin companies.


We started building WordPress websites for local businesses under our original name 'Cadover Creative'.


A chance Google AdWords campaign catapulted us as one of the UK's first specialist WordPress agencies, and allowed us to reach an international audience.


We rebranded as Barn2 Media, consolidating our new status as WordPress experts building websites, themes and plugins for clients around the globe.


Our web design business continued to expand. We built a remote team of expert WordPress designers and developers from around the UK.


After trying (and failing!) to launch a WordPress theme, we continued to grow our web design business and looked at plugins for our next 'side hustle'.


We launched our first plugin in March 2016, quickly followed by 5 more the same year. We were finally on our way to becoming a product company after many years of hard work.


The plugin revenue started to overtake our web design business, so we stopped taking on new clients and focused more on plugin development.


We spent the year making each of our plugins the best on the market, adding new features and improving the documentation and support.


We rebranded and launched our new website (this one!). Watch this space... several new plugins are currently in the works!