Barn2 is moving! 3 bedroom barn conversion in Dartmoor, Devon + land & detached office for sale

Published on: Updated: February 5, 2017

Barn conversion for sale Dartmoor DevonWe’ve decided to relocate from Dartmoor National Park to the equally beautiful South Hams in South Devon. This means selling our barn conversion with its land and the detached garden office from which we run Barn2 Media. It would be great if any of our readers could spread the word to anyone looking for a barn conversion for sale in Devon.

You can read full details of the house, land and office on Rightmove. It’s listed with estate agent Chartsedge. They specialise in selling holiday homes and houses for people relocating to the South West. However it’s also available to local people wanting a barn conversion in Dartmoor.

Barn conversion in Devon with office and land/field

Barn Conversion Dartmoor Open Plan

The house itself is an ideal place to live. Converted from an old granite barn in 2000, it’s beautifully presented and we have further modernised. It has 3 bedrooms (not including the garden office/annexe), open plan kitchen/living room/dining room with exposed beams and original granite brickwork, amazing bathroom, huge garden to the front and shared courtyard to the  back. There’s also an attached garage and utility room.

It’s just 15 minutes from the edge of Plymouth and 25 minutes from Tavistock, so it’s perfect commuting distance to various towns in Devon. The local primary school at Shaugh Prior is an excellent village school and the local secondary school at Ivybridge is rated Outstanding.

The barn conversion is most suited to anyone who enjoys outdoor pursuits on Dartmoor and elsewhere in Devon and Cornwall. We’re avid walkers and go hiking straight from the house several times a week. There’s also kayaking, rock climbing and much more within easy reach. Andy likes to go wild camping on the moors above the house. The beaches of Devon and Cornwall are half an hour or so away.

The field – land suitable for horses and other animals

House with land for horses on Dartmoor Devon

The house has its own field directly adjoining the garden, so it’s ideal for anyone wanting a house with land in Dartmoor (e.g. horse owners). I’m not sure of the exact size but I think it’s just under an acre.

The field has secure fencing all the way round and combination locks for extra security. It has running water. There’s an electric point outside the garden office near the field.

We don’t really need a field so we let the neighbour graze their miniature ponies and sheep on it to keep the grass down. This makes the view more interesting and saves us time! However the barn conversion is even more perfect for anyone wanting a house in Dartmoor with land for animals.

What does it mean for Barn2 Media?

Barn conversion Dartmoor Devon with Office and Field

Dartmoor barn conversion with views and land for saleBarn2 Media was founded in late 2009 from a spare bedroom which we used as a home office. The purpose-built detached garden office was erected in 2013 to provide proper premises for the business and give us space to employ an assistant.

Since then, the outdoor office has continued to meet the company’s needs. As Barn2 Media has grown, we have adopted the distributed team model. Our colleagues are based from their own locations around the UK. This means that we have never needed a big office. We can continue running the company as a lifestyle business from Dartmoor in Devon.

It’s a fantastic location to work and overlooks our field and the Dartmoor hills beyond. Here’s a picture of an unusual visitor, taken from my desk on a normal working day. People in city offices get salespeople knocking on their door, we get pheasants!

Whenever we have a meeting, we go for a walk on Dartmoor through the footpaths that adjoin the field. Left through the woods if the weather’s bad, and right onto the open moors and Cadover Bridge if it’s sunny. Everyone knows that you think better and more deeply when you’re walking, so Dartmoor and the Devon hills are the perfect place to run a business.

The detached office has been great for clients who visit us to discuss their websites. Most of our visitors come from Plymouth, Devon or Cornwall. We’ve also had clients visit from elsewhere in the UK – often on their way to a holiday in the South West!

House with office on Dartmoor Devon near Plymouth

With built-in desks for up to 3 people, plenty of power outlets and network points, it’s the perfect place to run a business. Or to work from home. It’s can also be used as a multi-purpose annexe and has a kitchenette and bathroom with shower.

The house we’re hoping to buy in the South Hams doesn’t have a separate office like our current home in Dartmoor. However the room we’d use as an office has separate access which is handy for clients visiting our new location in Devon.

Of course when we no longer live in a converted barn, the name ‘Barn2 Media’ will be a bit of a misnomer! However our company name is so well established in the WordPress industry that it wouldn’t be sensible to change it. Of course you could argue that the company isn’t based in a barn anyway, as it moved from the barn conversion to the garden office back in 2013!

When will you be moving?

We don’t have any timescales on the move yet because we need to sell our barn conversion in Dartmoor first. It won’t make a huge difference to our clients because we’ll still be in Devon, a similar distance from Plymouth.

I know this post isn’t as relevant to our clients as our usual articles. I hope it’s interesting as general information about where the business is located. I’d really appreciate it if you could share the Rightmove link with anyone who might want a barn conversion with land on Dartmoor! Thanks very much.

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