How to Create a BigCommerce Product Table in WordPress

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A lot goes into building and running a successful online store. Although hosted e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce take care of much of the heavy-lifting, they don’t always offer the best shopping experience to customers.

The good news is that you can use a BigCommerce product table to make your online store more effective and user-friendly. Essentially, you’d be listing BigCommerce products on a WordPress site in a searchable, sortable table layout with filters. This way, customers will be able to browse your store and make purchases directly from one convenient location.

Creating a BigCommerce product table using Posts Table Pro

With this in mind, in this article, we’ll explain what a BigCommerce product table is and how it can benefit your online store. We’ll also show you how to create a product table in WordPress using BigCommerce and Posts Table Pro.

What is a BigCommerce product table and who needs one?

BigCommerce is a hosted e-commerce platform. Out of the box, BigCommerce lets users display products in a standard format. Typically, products are displayed in a grid where each product takes up a considerable amount of screen real estate – like this:

BigCommerce product table WordPress

While this certainly adds to your store’s visual appeal, this simply isn’t the best solution for every online store. More specifically, online stores that sell more than a few products or products that aren’t image-centric need a more user-friendly way to showcase their offering.

Grid layouts make it difficult for customers to browse through products, find exactly what they’re looking for, and compare product details. In contrast, displaying your inventory in a product table allows you to showcase more products per page while making it easy for customers to search, sort, and filter through them:

Posts Table Pro product table with filters

Who needs a BigCommerce product table?

BigCommerce product table in WordPress

The short answer is that anyone who’s looking for an intuitive and user-friendly way to showcase lots of products in their online store can benefit from a BigCommerce product table. It allows you to display products in a neat table layout with important product details. This makes it easy for customers to be able to view more products (with product details) per page.

For example:

BigCommerce restaurant ordering system

With a BigCommerce product table plugin, you can create restaurant ordering systems that allow customers to place orders online (or at the table). It essentially doubles as a BigCommerce order form.

This resembles a real-world menu in that you simply list out the dishes you offer along with additional details such as ingredients and price. In addition to this, you can also display quantity selectors and add to cart buttons directly in the product table layout.

With a BigCommerce order form, you can also allow customers to customize their orders. For example, if you serve pizza at your restaurant, customers would be able to select their crust, sauce, and toppings directly from the product table.

BigCommerce wholesale stores

Generally speaking, people who shop at wholesale stores have a good idea about what they’d like to buy. For this reason, a BigCommerce product table is the ideal implementation for wholesale stores. Here’s why:

  • Customers are able to find exactly what they’re looking for by using the search, sort, and filter options.
  • A BigCommerce product list makes it easy for customers to make bulk purchases.
  • Since wholesale stores sell lots of products, store owners are able to display more products per page then they would be able to with BigCommerce’s default shop layout.

BigCommerce stores selling products that don’t require large images

BigCommerce store owners that sell products that don’t require big images can also benefit from a product table layout. Since the standard format for displaying products in BigCommerce is image-centric, it doesn’t suit products that don’t require big images. Stores like these would benefit more from a BigCommerce product list instead.

These include digital goods such as audio lectures, music sheets, and software. It can also include hardware products like bolts, screws, washers, and fasteners where it’s more important to display product information than it is to display a product image.

How a product table can benefit your BigCommerce-based online store

With BigCommerce, the standard way to display products in your online store is by showcasing them in a grid on your shop page while also giving each product its own individual page.

The problem with this implementation is that it makes it difficult for customers to browse products, compare them, or purchase a lot of different items at once. While this may not be an issue for large products (like furniture) or expensive products (like jewelry), this approach doesn’t offer the best shopping experience for many other types of products.

So, if you’re looking for a way to showcase products in an intuitive, user-friendly way then consider creating a product table. With a BigCommerce product table, you can display more products in an organized way in a neat table layout along with all important product details.

BigCommerce product tables are incredibly beneficial to e-commerce stores, because:

  • Customers are able to see everything your store offers at a glance.
  • They allow store owners to curate a selection of products to display on their site (e.g. all organic products).
  • They make it easy for customers to be able to compare products quickly and make a buying decision.
  • Product tables take up less screen real estate as compared to other methods of organizing products.
  • They simplify the purchasing process since customers are able to add multiple products to their cart from a single screen. In other words, they don’t have to visit individual product pages to view product details and add products to their cart.

Introducing Posts Table Pro: The e-commerce product table plugin for BigCommerce stores

Posts Table Pro is a BigCommerce product table plugin that lets you display items in a dynamic table layout with built-in options for searching, sorting, and filtering products.

As a WordPress plugin, Posts Table Pro lets you list BigCommerce products on any WordPress website. The products are still added and maintained via BigCommerce – and orders are still managed via BigCommerce. However, it’s a fantastic opportunity to list your products in WordPress – ideal if your main company website uses WordPress, or you want to list products outside of BigCommerce instead.

Posts Table Pro
The easy way to list BigCommerce products in a table layout in WordPress!

With Posts Table Pro create customizable product tables easily that improve the customer’s shopping experience and simplify the purchasing process. Specifically, you can tweak:

  • How each table will appear on the front-end.
  • What information (product details) will be presented and in what order.
  • Whether you want to display product variations, quantity selectors, and add to cart buttons.
  • How customers can filter through products e.g. by product category.

Using Posts Table Pro, you can improve the user experience your BigCommerce-based store delivers and potentially improve conversions and increase sales.

How to create a BigCommerce product table in WordPress

If you’ve connected your BigCommerce store to your WP website, you’ll need a way to display BigCommerce products in an intuitive and user-friendly way. With the Posts Table Pro plugin, you can easily list products in a neat table layout.

Assuming you have a BigCommerce store set up with some products and the BigCommerce for WordPress plugin installed to your WordPress website, here’s what you need to do to create a product table:

Step #1: Install and activate Posts Table Pro

To get started, purchase the Posts Table Pro plugin and install it to your WordPress website.


Next, head over to SettingsPosts Table Pro from the admin panel and enter the plugin’s license key.

Activate Posts Table Pro license key

Once that’s done, use the dropdown menu to set Post type to bigcommerce_product.

Posts Table Pro settings screen post type option

Click the Save Changes button to proceed.

Step #2: Choose which columns to display in the product table

From the Posts Table Pro Settings screen (i.e. SettingsPosts Table Pro), scroll down till you reach the Columns option under the Table content section. You can use this option to choose which information to include in your BigCommerce product table.

For example, you can choose to display:

  • title – the product title
  • image – the product image
  • content or excerpt – the product’s long or short description
  • tax:bigcommerce_category – product categories
  • tax:bigcommerce_brand – product brands

So, if you wanted to display product image, title, and brand in your front-end product table, you would add image,title,tax:bigcommerce_brand to the Columns option.

Displaying basic columns in BigCommerce product table

And if you wanted to display product image, title, description, product categories, and product brand, you would add image,title,content:Description,tax:bigcommerce_category,tax:bigcommerce_brand to the Columns option.

Displaying many columns in BigCommerce product table

Click the Save Changes button to continue.

Step #3: Add the product table to your website

Head over to Pages -> Add New to create a new page to add the BigCommerce product table to. Alternatively, if you’ve already created a page that you’d like to add the product table to, simply navigate to PagesAll Pages and open it up in the Edit Page screen.

Once that’s done, follow the steps outlined below (depending upon which text editor you’re using) to add the Posts Table Pro shortcode to your page.

For Gutenberg (or any WordPress page builder plugin):

Click the (+) sign in the top-left corner of the screen and select the Shortcode option to add it to the text editor. Next, insert the [posts_table] shortcode to the Shortcode block.

Adding Posts Table Pro shortcode to Gutenberg text editor

For Classic Editor:

Click the Insert Posts Table icon in the toolbar. This will add the [posts_table] shortcode to the text editor:

Adding Posts Table Pro shortcode to the classic text editor

Once you’ve added the shortcode to the text editor, click on the Publish… button to publish the page. When you preview it, it should look something like this on your site’s front-end:

BigCommerce product table preview

Bonus: Displaying specific products only

By default, Posts Table Pro lists all your BigCommerce products in the table layout. However, you do have the option to list specific products only – either by product category or by product brand. All you have to do is tweak the shortcode slightly.

For listing specific categories, simply replace ‘your-category’ with the slug for your category.

[posts_table term="bigcommerce_category:your-category"]

For listing specific brands, simply replace ‘your-brand’ with the slug for your product brand.

[posts_table term="bigcommerce_brand:your-brand"]

Bonus: Displaying product filters

With Posts Table Pro you can also add categories and brand filter dropdowns directly above the BigCommerce product table. Head over to Post Table Pro’s Settings screen and scroll down till you reach the Table Controls section.

  1. Set the Search filters option to Custom.
  2. Add tax:bigcommerce_category,tax:bigcommerce_brand to the Custom filters option.
Posts Table Pro settings screen table controls options

And your product table will look something like this on the front-end:

Posts Table Pro product table with filters


You can use a BigCommerce product table plugin to list products in a neat table layout that’s searchable, sortable, and filterable.

Posts Table Pro
The easy way to list BigCommerce products in a table layout in WordPress!

This makes it easy for customers to browse products and see everything your store offers at a glance thereby improving their user experience. As a result, you’ll be able to increase product visibility and, ultimately, boost sales.

We showed you how to create a BigCommerce product table in WordPress using Posts Table Pro. Hopefully, you’re in a good position now to take the next steps.

What are some of the ways you improve your customers’ shopping experience on your BigCommerce website? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Hi, I am building an interactive spare parts list similar to this
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      Hi, David.

      Thanks for your interest in WooCommerce Product Table and for the link for reference. Looking at the product table on that page, yes you can achieve the same type using our plugin and we've had customers create similar product tables with diagrams/schematics on the same page. You can add/include a reference number column as a custom field column. For the "add to watch list" button, you could consider adding it using one of the Wishlist Plugins we've listed at: Which plugins are compatible with WooCommerce Product Table?

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