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How to create custom taxonomies

WooCommerce Product Table fully supports custom taxonomies. You can list them as columns in your product tables.

Instructions for developers

This article from Tuts+ contains instructions for developers on creating custom taxonomies. The WordPress Codex on Taxonomies also contains comprehensive information and instructions.

Instructions for non-developers

You can also create custom taxonomies quite easily using Custom Post Type UI. This free plugin lets you create a taxonomy and assign it to the Products post type (i.e. your WooCommerce products).

Once you have created a custom taxonomy, this will appear on the Add/Edit Product screen in WooCommerce with a tick box for each taxonomy term. You can add your products to one or more taxonomy term in exactly the same way as adding categories.

Here’s a YouTube video on how to do it:

How to display custom taxonomies in a product table

Please see the article on columns for instructions on adding taxonomies as columns in your product table.

Please note that WooCommerce Product Table only lets you display custom taxonomy terms in a product table, and doesn’t make any changes to the single product page.

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