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3. Creating tables with Posts Table Pro

Once you’ve installed the Posts Table Pro plugin and chosen your default settings, it’s time to start creating tables.

How to add a posts table to a page

To create a table, go to any page or post and click the Insert Posts Table toolbar button. This is located at the end of the second row of the toolbar:

Insert Posts Table Pro shortcode toolbar button

(Note: if you only have one row of buttons, you will need to click the ‘Toolbar Toggle’ button at the end of the first row.)

The button will insert a [posts_table] shortcode into your page. You can add as many tables to a page as you like. You can also use the [posts_table] shortcode to add tables to other areas of your website (e.g. text widgets or a Text element in a page builder plugin).

Each table will inherit the defaults from the plugin settings page. You can override these by setting the shortcode options in each individual table – for example, to create different tables listing items from different categories.

To continue configuring your tables, please see the complete list of shortcode options.

How to add posts tables to your main blog page, category pages, search results & more

If you want the posts table layout to be used automatically on other parts of your site, then you can do this by editing the archive template in your theme. This is more technical and we’ve provided basic guidance on how to use the Posts Table Pro layout on category archives and search results pages.

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