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Creating tables with Posts Table Pro

To use Posts Table Pro, simply add the shortcode [posts_table] to any page, post, widget or other editable area in the WordPress admin. The default configuration will display your site’s posts, but you can of course customise the table in many different ways using the shortcode options.


Examples of posts tables in action

Please see here for a complete list of options in Posts Table Pro.

Basic usage displaying blog posts:
[posts_table columns="title,content,date,author,tags"]

Displaying pages:
[posts_table columns="title,content" post_type="page"]

Displaying a custom post type:
[posts_table columns="title,content" post_type="product"]

Displaying custom fields:
[posts_table columns="id,title,cf:document_status" post_type="document"]

Displaying taxonomies:
[posts_table columns="title,content,tax:film_category,tax:film_genre" post_type="film"][/no_shortcodes]

Displaying the post excerpt:
[no_shortcodes][posts_table columns="title,excerpt,author,tags,date"]

Selecting posts in categories “design” or “web”:
[posts_table category="design,web"]

Selecting posts (from custom post type) which have the custom taxonomy term “comedy”:
[posts_table post_type="film" term="film_genre:comedy"]

Selecting posts with a custom field called “show_form” with a value of “yes”:
[posts_table cf="show_form:yes"]

Displaying WooCommerce products, including tags, categories and price (please note that we also have a dedicated WooCommerce plugin which you may wish to use instead of Posts Table Pro – WooCommerce Product Table):
[posts_table columns="title,tax:product_tag,tax:product_cat,cf:_price" post_type="product"]

Displaying featured images (with custom image size):
[posts_table columns="image,title,content" image_size="100x50"]

Choosing custom column headings:
[posts_table post_type=property columns="title:Name,date:Added On,tax:listing_cat:Property Type,cf:property_val:Price (£)"]

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