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Can I automatically unlock a protected category for logged in users?

Our WooCommerce Protected Categories and Password Protected Categories plugins lets you hide specific categories on your WordPress website so that only authorized people can access them. This article will explain how to automatically unlock categories when someone logs into their user account, so that they don't have to enter a separate password to access the hidden content.

The exact method depends on which of our category protection plugins you're using.

WooCommerce Protected Categories

If you're using our WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin, then it comes with an option to unlock the category for specific logged in user roles or individual user accounts.

You can password protect a category and also use the 'User role' or 'Users' option to automatically unlock the category for any user role or specific user. You might use it to avoid the need for people with a user account to have to enter a password; or you could use it to unlock the store for administrators only.

Unlock WooCommerce category for logged in users

Password Protected Categories

Alternatively, if you're using our generic WordPress password protected categories plugin, then everyone will have to enter a password to unlock a password protected category - regardless of whether they're logged into their user account on your WordPress website.

If you want your hidden categories to automatically be visible to logged in users then we recommend using private categories instead. Private categories are hidden from guest visitors and visible to logged in users depending on their role.

Some people would like their users to be able to log into their account automatically, simply by clicking on a login link. This saves them having to enter a separate username and password.

If you're using user or role protected categories in WooCommerce Protected Categories, or private categories in Password Protected Categories, then you can do this by adding any WordPress URL-based login plugin.

We have a separate tutorial about how to do this with WooCommerce Protected Categories. The instructions in this tutorial will work equally for Password Protected Categories.

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