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Is the plugin compatible with Gutenberg?

All of Barn2’s WordPress plugins are compatible with Gutenberg, WordPress’ new editor. Here are full instructions on how to use them in your Gutenberg blocks.

WooCommerce Product Table

If you’re using WooCommerce Product Table with Gutenberg then we have provided a free add-on which adds a ‘Product Table’ Gutenberg block. You can download this for free from wordpress.org.

Download Plugin

Gutenberg Block WooCommerce Product Table Settings
The WooCommerce Product Table Gutenberg block

If you prefer, then you can also add the [product_table] shortcode to a ‘Shortcode’ or ‘Paragraph’ Gutenberg block:

WooCommerce Product Table Gutenberg Block
[product_table] shortcode added to a ‘Shortcode’ Gutenberg block
You can control the product table via the plugin settings page, or directly in the Gutenberg Block or shortcode.

Posts Table Pro

Adding post tables to your Gutenberg page layouts

To add a table of posts or other content types to your Gutenberg page layouts, simply add the [posts_table] shortcode to a ‘Shortcode’ or ‘Paragraph’ block.

You can control the table via the plugin settings page, or directly in the shortcode.