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How do I upgrade my license to cover more sites?

I want to use my plugin license on more than 1 site

If you’ve already bought the plugin and would like to use it on more sites, the cheapest option is to upgrade your license key. For example, perhaps you have a single site license and want to add another site or domain to your license key. You will pay a reduced price for the extra sites to cover the rest of the year. You can upgrade your license at any time.

We offer the following licenses for each of our plugins:

  • 1 site
  • 2-5 sites
  • 6-10 sites
  • Contact us for a quote if you need more than 10 sites

Please note that each domain or sub-domain counts as a ‘site’. If you have a WordPress multisite, you will need a separate site license for each sub-domain. If you’re working locally then you can use a single site license on as many local sites as you need.

How to upgrade your plugin license key

  1. Log into your account using the email address you used to buy the plugin. Use the lost password link if you didn’t keep the email with the password.
  2. On the ‘Order History’ page, click the ‘View Licenses’ link in the right hand column next to the licence key you wish to upgrade.
  3. Click ‘View Upgrades’ on the next page.
  4. This will show you the upgrade options. You can add the extra licenses to your cart and upgrade from there.

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