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How can I move my license key from 1 domain to another?

Our plugins need a valid license key in order to work. You can buy a license to cover as many sites as you need (e.g. single site license, 2-5 sites, and so on).

You need an active license for each domain that you use the plugin on. If you change domain names – for example when a development site goes live on its final domain – then you need to activate the license on the new domain.

How to activate your license key on a new domain

This is the process for switching your license key to a different domain:


  1. Go to the plugin settings page on the old domain (e.g. your development site). Delete the license key and click Save.
  2. Next, go to the plugin settings page on the new domain (e.g. your live site). Enter the license key and click Save to activate it.

What if I’m working locally?

If you’re working on a local installation of WordPress then this doesn’t contribute to your limit. This means that you don’t need to deactivate the license key from your local site in order to activate it on the new domain.

I don’t have access to the old domain

If you can no longer access the old site, try activating the license key on the new site. If you get a message that you have reached your activation limit, send us a support request and we’ll deactivate it from the old domain manually.

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