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Changing the number of products in the table

WooCommerce Product Table lets you control how many products appear on each page of the table, as well as the total number of products in the table.

Rows per page

The rows_per_page option controls how many products to display on each page of results. The default is 20 rows. Setting it to -1 will show all products in one page.

[product_table rows_per_page="50"]
[product_table rows_per_page="-1"]

Product Limit

The product_limit option controls the maximum number of products displayed in the table. The default is 500 products. If you have more than 500 products and they’re not all loading then you need to increase the product limit.

Warning: Setting too large a limit could have a performance impact on your server. If you need to display more products then we recommend using the lazy load option.

[product_table product_limit="750" lazy_load="true"]

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