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The password entry page doesn’t look right

WooCommerce Password Protected Categories Display OptionsThe design and layout of the password entry page in WooCommerce Password Protected Categories is determined by your theme. If it doesn’t look right, the first step is to go to the plugin settings in WooCommerce > Settings > Products > Password Protected Categories ‘Form Display’ to ‘Alternate’. This option is designed to fix common theme problems with the password entry page.

If this doesn’t help then you can check whether the problem relates to your theme or WooCommerce Password Protected Categories as follows:

  1. Create a standard page or post and password protect it (you can do this using the ‘Visibility’ options in the ‘Publish’ section at the top right of the Add Page or Add Post screen).
  2. If the password entry page for your page or post has the same problem then you need to contact the theme author for support.
  3. If the password entry page for the page/post is fine, please send us a support request.

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