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Can I password protect normal WordPress pages as well as categories?

You can protect entire pages of categories, and you can also protect specific pages using the same password as your password protected categories.

How to protect entire pages of categories

This is possible with our Password Protected Categories plugin and not WooCommerce Protected Categories. Please see our separate article ‘How can I categorize my WordPress pages?’

How to protect specific pages using the same password as your password protected categories

If you’re using our Password Protected Categories or WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin, then you can password protect categories and their contents alongside normal pages or posts in WordPress. For example, you might want to password protect the main WooCommerce shop page; or a static portfolio page that lists your portfolio posts (which are in a password protected category).

WordPress already has a feature that lets you password protect individual pages and posts. Our plugins simply extend this to let you protect entire categories with a single password. This is how to protect one or more pages/posts with the same password as your protected category:

  1. Use our plugin to create a password protected category. (You’ll find full instructions elsewhere in this knowledge base.)
  2. Go to edit the page or post that you want to protect with the same password. Choose the ‘Password protected’ option in the ‘Publish’ section in the top right of the Add/Edit Page screen. If you protect the page/post with the same password as your protected category, then the two passwords will work together.

Once you have done this, then your users just need to enter the password on either the normal page/post or the protected category page. This will give them full access to the entire category as well as the page or post.

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