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Password Protected Categories tutorials

We regularly publish tutorials about how to use Password Protected Categories for different use cases. You can also find video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

How to Add Simple WordPress Membership to Your Site
How to Add Simple WordPress Membership to Your Site

Learn how to add a simple WordPress membership to your website and create a WordPress members area using the Password Protected Categories plugin.

October 31, 2019tutorials
WordPress subscription plugin
Best WordPress Subscription Plugin (with Tutorial)

Learn how to use the best WordPress subscription plugin to build a membership site, sell subscription products, and much more!

September 6, 2019tutorials
WordPress Client Portal using Password Protected Categories
How to Create a Private WordPress Client Portal

Learn how to create a private, secure WordPress client portal for specific types of clients or individual clients using Password Protected Categories.

September 10, 2019tutorials
How to Restrict WordPress Media Files Access to Specific User Roles
How to Restrict WordPress Media Files Access to Specific User Roles

Learn how to secure private content by protecting both WordPress categories and their file attachments in the media library to specific user roles.

October 1, 2019security tutorials woocommerce
WordPress File Manager
How to Create a WordPress File Manager

Want to learn how to create a WordPress file manager? Learn how to create a functional file manager in WordPress for document management.

December 18, 2019document-library tutorials
WordPress private portfolio plugin
Create a Password Protected Portfolio in WordPress: 3 Easy Ways

This is the complete guide to creating a WordPress password protected portfolio. I’ll share 3 easy ways to protect your entire portfolio or just parts of it.

October 29, 2019tutorials
Private WordPress Intranet Plugin
WordPress Intranet: How to Create One for Your Organization

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to build a WordPress intranet step by step, and how you can use it to streamline your organization.

October 28, 2019document-library tutorials
A lock with the word 'password'.
Password Protect Any WordPress Custom Post Type (In Just 5 Minutes)

Custom post types are ideal for portfolios, documents, products, events, and more. Learn how to password protect content within your custom post types.

November 13, 2019tutorials
WordPress private blog.
Complete Guide: How To Make your WordPress Blog Private

In this guide, learn how to make any area of your WordPress blog private, including blog posts, blog categories, and your entire blog.

October 28, 2019blogging tutorials
Password protect WordPress
Complete Guide: Password Protect WordPress (full site, categories, WooCommerce, and more)

Discover everything you need to know to password protect WordPress websites and WooCommerce stores. Create password protected categories in minutes!

October 28, 2019tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WordPress password protect events plugin
Create Password Protected Events in WordPress – An Easy Plugin to Password Protect Events

Our password protected events WordPress plugin makes it easy to protect your events. Works with Events Calendar, Events Manager, Event Espresso & other events plugins.

November 7, 2019events integrations tutorials
WooCommerce secret sale
How to Create a WooCommerce Secret Sale

Learn how to create a WooCommerce secret sale, with discounted products that only people with the correct password can see.

October 28, 2019tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce age verification plugin
WooCommerce Age Verification Plugin & How to Use It

Learn how to use 2 WooCommerce age verification plugins – one to age-restrict your whole store, and one for specific products.

February 4, 2020tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
Protect Easy Digital Downloads Plugin
How to Password Protect Easy Digital Downloads Categories: 3 Easy Ways

The complete guide to password protecting categories in Easy Digital Downloads. Hide specific categories or make your whole downloads store private.

December 12, 2019easy-digital-downloads tutorials

Do you like the way we’ve listed these articles in a table? Learn how to do the same on your own website in our tutorial on how to list WordPress posts by category

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