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Posts table filters

The filters option allows you to display drop-down lists above your table which allow users to filter (i.e. search) the table by selecting an item from the dropdown list. For example, with the categories filter, selecting a category from the list will filter the table to show posts only from that category.

Note: This page covers the options for letting your users filter the table to narrow down the list of posts. If you want to create tables listing specific posts based on their category/date/tags etc. (i.e. perform a filter before the table first loads), check out this article instead.

WordPress table post filters

To show filters based on the contents of the table, add filters="true" to the Posts Table Pro shortcode. This will show all filterable columns as filters above your table.

This example would show categories and tags as search filters:
[posts_table columns="title,categories,tags" filters="true"]

To specify which filters are shown (regardless of the columns displayed), you can list the filters to be included, e.g:
[posts_table columns="image,title,content" filters="categories,tax:my_taxonomy"]

You can enable filters for: categories, tags, author and any custom taxonomy. At the present time, you cannot enable filters for a custom field.

The filters are displayed above the table by default, but if you have positioned the search box below the table, then the filters will also appear below the table.

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