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My posts table isn’t styled correctly

Posts Table Pro comes with some built-in styling and is designed to look good with most themes. Where possible, it takes elements from your theme such as the fonts.

If it doesn’t look right then there may be an issue with your theme. Try switching to a default theme (e.g. TwentySeventeen) to check whether it’s a theme issue.

You may wish to style your tables in more specific ways, for example to change the background colour or table borders. You can do this by adding custom CSS to your theme or child theme. (Never add it directly to the Posts Table Pro plugin.) Our developer documentation contains a list of CSS selectors that you can use.

Your WordPress developer will be able to style the table for you or you can post a job on Codeable, where their pre-approved WordPress experts will send you a price. We also offer a styling and customizations service. Please send us a support request to get a free quote.

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