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Which plugins are compatible with Posts Table Pro?

We have coded Posts Table Pro in a standard way that follows the latest WordPress best practices. This makes it likely to work with a wide range of third party plugins. It is also designed to work with any WordPress theme.

While we don’t guarantee compatibility with any third party software other than WordPress itself and the official integrations listed below, we have tested Posts Table Pro with various plugins and found that they work well together. Many of our customers have also told us which plugins they are successfully using our tables with, so we have included these in the list too.

WordPress table plugin WPML compatibleOfficial integrations

We have officially integrated and guarantee full compatibility with the following plugins. Barn2 Media take responsibility for compatibility with these plugins:

If you have any compatibility issues with these plugins, please send us a support request.

Other plugins tested with Posts Table Pro

The following plugins have been tested with Posts Table Pro. We don’t guarantee their compatibility, but have found them to work successfully together:

If you find any compatibility issues with these plugins, then you would need to ask a developer to fix the problem for you because they are not officially supported. If you find anything in the above tutorials that is no longer correct, please tell us so that we can update the information.

WordPress plugin customizations service

What about plugins not on this list?

There are many thousands of WordPress plugins, and we can’t possibly include all the compatible ones in this list. Don’t worry if you are using plugins not listed above.

With our 30-day money back guarantee, you can try the plugin risk-free and get a full refund if it doesn’t work with something else on your site.

And if you install Posts Table Pro and discover new integrations that aren’t listed here, please let us know as we’re constantly adding to this list!

Unrelated plugins

There are many plugins which you can use alongside Posts Table Pro, but aren’t directly related to it. For example, this includes your SEO plugins (e.g. WordPress SEO, Google Analytics, and All In One SEO Pack), performance-enhancing plugins (e.g. caching) and security plugins (e.g. iThemesSecurity and Wordfence).

We haven’t listed these plugins because they don’t directly affect your Posts Table Pro tables. However, the vast majority of unrelated plugins will work correctly with Posts Table Pro. Please send us a support request if you are unsure, or get the plugin and use our 30-day money back guarantee if needed.

Help us improve this list!

We’re always looking for more plugins that work well with Posts Table Pro. If you’re successfully using it with any other plugins that might be of interest to other people, please let us know. We might even be able to showcase your website as a case study!

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