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The WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin settings page (WooCommerce → Settings → Products → Quick view) lets you control the appearance and content of the quick view.

WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin settings page

The following video provides full setup instructions, including information about all the settings. You can also read about each setting below:

License key

Enter your license key here. This is essential for the plugin to work.


Opening the Quick View

WooCommerce Quick View Pro open quick view options

These options control how customers can open the quick view lightbox from the WooCommerce shop page, product archive pages (e.g. product categories), and WooCommerce Gutenberg blocks. You can select one or both options:

  • Open using Quick View button – depending on your theme, this option adds a button or link immediately before the add to cart button.
  • Open from product name/image – this option enables customers to open the quick view by clicking on the product name or image. (Note: This is an experimental feature and may not work in all themes.)

You can also leave both boxes unticked to disable the quick view from these pages.

Button text

This option controls the text that appears in the quick view button.

For example, you may wish to reword it to ‘View’, ‘Customize’ or ‘Show Gallery’ depending on how you are using the quick view.

Button icon

Tick this box to display a quick view ‘eye’ icon in the button.

If you tick this box and add button text in the field above, then the button will contain an icon and the text. If you tick this box and leave the ‘Button text’ field blank, then the button will only contain an icon and no text.

Quick view contents

WooCommerce Quick View Pro content

This dropdown lets you control the overall layout of the quick view lightbox:

  • Image only – Select this option if you only want the quick view lightbox to show the product featured image, plus any additional images if you have enabled the gallery. This is a good option if you simply wish to display larger images or multiple images in a lightbox, without including extra information about the product or purchase details. For example, a photographer might combine this option with the ‘Open from product name/image’ option above to show bigger versions of the images they are selling.
  • Product details only – Select this option if you want the quick view lightbox to show extra product information or purchase options, without any images. This is a good option if you’re selling non-visual products that don’t rely on big images.
  • Image and product details – This is the most popular option and replicates the top part of the single product page in a typical WooCommerce store. On desktop layouts, the product image(s) appears on the left and the product details appear on the right. On small screen sizes such as mobiles, the layout will stack and the image(s) will appear at the top, with the product details underneath.

Note: If you are using certain third party plugins, then content added by those plugins may also appear within the quick view lightbox. For example, we have integrated WooCommerce Quick View Pro with our other plugin, WooCommerce Lead Time. As a result, if you have added product lead times then these will appear in the quick view lightbox. You can learn how to add product lead times here, or find the list of compatible plugins here.

WooCommerce quick view product image galleryProduct image

These options control the behavior and content of the product images in the quick view. They only apply if you have enabled ‘Image only’ or ‘Image and product details’ above:

  • Enable gallery – If you have uploaded images to the product gallery section of the ‘Add/Edit Product’ screen (as shown in the screenshot), then this option will display the thumbnails of the other gallery images underneath the main product image in the lightbox. Customers can click on a gallery image to view a bigger version of it above.
  • Enable zoom – Allow customers to zoom in to view a close-up version of the image when they hover over it. Note: The zoom will only work if the product image files are larger than the image size shown in the quick view.

Product details

Tick as many boxes as you like to control which information to include in the quick view. They only apply if you have enabled ‘Product details’ or ‘Image and product details’ above:

  • Show reviews – Displays the average star rating along with the number of reviews for the current product, with a link to read reviews in full on the single product page. (Note: Only appears for products that have reviews.)
  • Show price – Displays the product price underneath the name and reviews.
  • Show short description – Displays the product summary/short description that you entered at the bottom of the ‘Add/Edit Product’ screen. (Note: This is different from the long product description, which is not designed to appear within the quick view lightbox.)
  • Show add to cart button – Displays an add to cart button in the quick view lightbox, along with other purchase-related information such as the quantity picker, variations, and any additional options (if you are using the Product Add-Ons extension). (Note: This will only appear for products that are purchasable in WooCommerce.)
  • Show meta information – Displays meta information about the product at the bottom of the quick view lightbox. This depends on the product and can include information such as categories, tags and the product’s SKU code.

WooCommerce quick view lightbox contents

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