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Can I restrict the product table so that only registered/logged in users can see it?

Some of our customers want to hide their product tables from guest users, so that only registered or logged in users can see it. This isn’t a feature of WooCommerce Product Table, but we have other plugins that you can add to achieve this:

How to hide your whole WooCommerce store

Our WooCommerce Private Store plugin can be used to restrict your entire store to logged in users, so that guests can’t see it at all.

  1. Install WooCommerce Private Store and tick the ‘Logged In Users‘ box on the plugin settings page. This will restrict your store so that only logged in users can see it.
  2. By default, WooCommerce Product Table doesn’t work with WooCommerce Private Store because you add the tables to normal pages instead of WooCommerce-specific areas. You can get around this by adding product tables to the main shop page or category archive template.

How to hide specific parts of your WooCommerce store only

Our WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin lets you hide specific categories within your store. For example, some of our customers have a public area of their site and a separate wholesale area with product tables. You can achieve with WooCommerce Product Table as follows:

  1. Install WooCommerce Password Protected Categories and password protect one or more categories.
  2. Add product tables to your category archive pages by following the instructions in this article.

Please note that the above instructions will add product tables to all your product categories, including the public ones. You would need to do some custom coding to show product tables on specific categories only. This is advanced usage and doesn’t come under our standard plugin support. If you don’t know how to do this, we recommend that you post a job on Codeable to find a suitable WordPress expert. Alternatively, get in touch if you’d like a quote from our customisations service. 

Can I hide prices from guests?

Please see our other article on hiding prices unless the user is logged in.

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