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I can’t change product quantities in the table

How to add the ‘show quantity’ dropdown

WooCommerce product table with quantity selector dropdown

Table created using shortcode [product_table show_quantity=”true”]

If your product table includes an add-to-cart column then adding show_quantity="true" to the shortcode will display a quantity selector (instructions here). Customers can select the required quantity of each product before adding to cart.

Why isn’t the quantity selector working?

If the above method isn’t working for you then there are several possible reasons:

  • Do you have an add-to-cart column? The quantity dropdown appears inside the add to cart column. If you haven’t added this column to your product table then the quantity selector won’t appear at all.
  • Check whether you can change the quantity on the single product page. Check the single product page for one of your products. If the quantity selector isn’t working there either, then the problem is caused by your WooCommerce setup or theme instead of WooCommerce Product Table.
  • Check your WooCommerce settings. Your WooCommerce settings (or possibly another plugin) may be controlling whether customers can change the quantity. For example, ticking the ‘Enable this to only allow one of this item to be bought in a single order’ box in the ‘Product Attributes’ section for any product will hide the quantity selector. Alternatively, you might have another plugin installed which is setting a minimum or maximum order quantity.

Can I set quantity increments or a maximum or minimum quantity of products that can be purchased?

Yes! WooCommerce Product Table works beautifully with the free WooCommerce Max Quantity and Quantities and Units for WooCommerce plugins. Please see our announcement articles for more information about how the two plugins work together:

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