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Adding quantity selectors / quantity inputs to the product table

How to show a quantity picker in the product table

By default, the Add to Cart column appears in the table without a quantity selector. You can change this by ticking the Quantities box on the plugin settings page, or by setting the show_quantity option to true in the product table shortcode. This will display a quantity box next to the Add to Cart button. You can also set this option to false to hide the quantity selector.

Example: [product_table columns="name,price,add-to-cart" show_quantity="true"]

If the quantity selector or up/down arrows aren’t working, please read our article about quantity selector problems.

Quantity Selector WooCommerce Product Table

Can I set quantity increments or a maximum or minimum quantity of products that can be purchased?

Yes! WooCommerce Product Table works beautifully with the official Min/Max Quantities plugin, plus and WooCommerce Max Quantity and Quantities and Units for WooCommerce plugins. Please see our announcement articles for more information about how the two plugins work together:

Can I change the default quantity to zero?

The default quantity in WooCommerce is 1, and this is inherited by WooCommerce Product Table.

You can change the default quantity by using WooCommerce Product Table with the free Quantities & Units plugin. (Note: Unfortunately this isn’t possible with the official Min/Max Quantities plugin.) Use the Quantities & Units plugin to set the minimum quantity to 0, and this will appear as the default quantity in the product table and throughout your store.

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