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Translating Posts Table Pro into other languages

At the present time there are translations provided for: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish and Norwegian. To use one of these languages, simply select your site language from the Settings -> General menu in the WordPress admin.

If you wish to use Posts Table Pro in a language that is not currently supported, you may wish to translate the plugin yourself. There is a .pot file in the plugin’s /languages folder which you can use to translate the plugin into your chosen language.

Once you have created the relevant .po and .mo file for your language, upload both files to this location:

<your site>/wp-content/languages/plugins/

The file name for the .mo and .po files should be the text domain followed by the relevant locale. So for example, if we were translating into Croatian, the local is ‘hr_HR’. The text domain for the plugin is posts-table-pro, so the file name would be: posts-table-pro-hr_HR.mo and posts-table-pro-hr_HR.po

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