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The ‘Visibility’ section doesn’t appear on the Product Categories page

If you can’t see the Visibility section in Products -> Categories then this is likely to be caused by one of these issues:

  1. Inactive license key – If your license key has not been activated correctly then the Visibility section will not appear and you cannot password protect your categories. Go back to WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Password Protected Categories and check that the license key is showing as active.
  2. Plugin conflict – Another plugin may be stopping the Visibility section from appearing correctly. Temporarily disable all your plugins except for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Password Protected Categories, go back to Products -> Categories and see whether the Visibility section appears now. If this fixes the problem then there is a conflict with another plugin. If it does not fix the problem, please send us a support request.
  3. Next, try to view your protected category from a different web browser and make sure you’re not logged in. Once you have entered the correct password, it will remain unlocked for 24 hours so you may think the password is not working.

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