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How to set minimum quantities for wholesale users

Some wholesale stores want to set minimum quantity rules or a minimum order value for wholesale users. Others want to set the default quantity that appears for each product.

Minimum quantity rules

To do this, we recommend using WooCommerce Wholesale Pro with the free Min and Max Quantity Rule for WooCommerce plugin. It has a feature to set minimum and maximum quantity options for specific user roles, so you can use it to add quantity rules for your wholesale rules only. Your normal retail customers can continue ordering any quantity, as usual.

Changing the default quantity

You can use our WooCommerce Default Quantity plugin to change the initial value that appears in the quantity field for each product. This is a subtler approach than setting quantity rules because it encourages people to buy more (for example if you set the default quantity to 5), without actually restricting the quantity they can buy.

Other wholesale stores like to set the default quantity to zero so that customers can then enter the required quantity before adding to the cart.

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