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What are the tax options for wholesale users?

By default, the WooCommerce Wholesale Pro plugin will inherit the tax settings from your wider WooCommerce store, which are controlled under WooCommerce → Settings → Tax. For example:

  • If you enable taxes in your store then these will also be applied to wholesale users. You can override this by disabling tax for all wholesale users or specific wholesale roles.
  • If you set up your store to display prices inclusive of tax then wholesale prices will be shown exclusive of tax. If you have disabled tax for wholesale users then they will see prices excluding tax, as those as the prices they will pay.

Note: Some customers have asked for a way to charge tax for all users, but display prices incl. tax to normal customers and excl. tax for wholesale users. This isn't currently possible, and we are tracking the amount of demand for this. If you would like this, please send us a feature request.

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