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How to join the WooCommerce Product Table plugin compatibility program

Are you a WordPress theme or plugin developer? We offer a WooCommerce Product Table plugin compatibility program, which officially certifies that your theme or plugin works with WooCommerce Product Table. .

Thousands of websites using WooCommerce Product Table worldwide. The program offers a fantastic way to get extra exposure and marketing for your WordPress theme or plugin.

Keep reading to learn how joining the plugin compatibility program can increase sales of your theme or plugin, and how to apply.

About the plugin compatibility program

Themes or plugins officially certified as compatible with WooCommerce Product Table can display a logo on their sales page and website. This helps to increase your conversions by making your theme/plugin more useful for customers wishing to use it with product tables. It also adds an extra trust mark to make your site more credible.

We promote compatible WordPress themes and plugins by including them in the list of compatible themes and plugins on our website. If you like, we can also publish a tutorial about how to use the plugins together.

Overall, the plugin compatibility program adds credibility to your own themes and plugins. It puts your products in front of a wider audience.


There are lots of benefits from joining the WooCommerce Product Table plugin compatibility program:

  • WooCommerce Product Table Compatibility Program Logo
    You’ll have the right to use the official WooCommerce Product Table compatibility badge to promote your theme or plugin. You may use it on WordPress.org for free plugins; any third party marketplaces where you’re selling the theme/plugin; and on your own website.
  • We’ll promote your theme or plugin as an official compatible plugin on our website. This will include a dofollow link back to your site.
  • We will announce the compatibility on all our social media channels.
  • (Optional) You are also welcome to prepare a tutorial with instructions on how to use your theme/plugin with WooCommerce Product Table. This will be published on the Barn2 Media blog. Again, it comes with dofollow links to your site. It will also be emailed to our mailing list.
  • (Optional) If you choose to join our affiliate scheme, then you can add your affiliate link to the compatibility program badge and anywhere else you mention WooCommerce Product Table. We pay a generous 30% commission for plugin sales that result from people clicking on your referral link. It’s a perfect way to make your theme/plugin more sellable AND earn commission for recommending WooCommerce Product Table!

What types of theme and plugin will be considered?

Any WooCommerce-ready theme can be certified under the WooCommerce Product Table compatibility program.

We will consider any plugin that changes functionality within the product table. For example, this might include plugins that:

  • Allow you to change the content of the product table (WordPress multilingual plugins)
  • Add extra product options which can be selected in the product table
  • Create extra custom fields and taxonomies that can appear in a product table
  • Change elements of the table, such as rewording the add to cart buttons
  • Add extra search options and filters that allow customers to refine the products in the table
  • Add discounts and dynamic pricing that will appear in the product table
  • Control which products appear in the table, e.g. depending on the current user’s role, location or membership level
  • Add extra features such as wishlist or request a quote buttons
  • Control what the customer can buy from the table, such as imposing minimum and maximum quantities
  • Change what happens when someone clicks on an item in the table
  • Change how you create product tables in the WordPress admin (e.g. page builder plugins)
  • Allow you to add extra content in the table, such as audio and video players

We would not consider plugins that can be used on the same website as WooCommerce Product Table, but don’t actually work together. For example, you can use WooCommerce Product Table with Yoast SEO and BackupBuddy, but these plugins don’t affect the product tables at all so it’s not relevant to declare compatibility.

How to join

  1. Complete the application form at the end of this page, attaching your theme/plugin.
  2. We’ll install your theme/plugin with WooCommerce Product Table on a test site. This will include some sample products and a product table page with the default options.
  3. Next, we’ll ask you to set up your/theme plugin on the test site and ensure it works correctly with WooCommerce Product Table.
  4. Once you confirm everything is setup correctly, we will test everything our end. If we discover any problems then we will communicate with you and discuss the options.
  5. If we confirm that your theme/plugin is compatible, then we will provide information on how you can announce the official compatibility and use it to promote your product. We will also start promoting your plugin to our own customers and on our website.

Will I have to make any changes to my theme/plugin?

WooCommerce Product Table is designed to work with any theme. Sometimes, minor changes may be needed to ensure compatibility. For example, this is more likely for themes that are coded in a non-standard way. This only happens for a minority of themes, and most are compatible with no extra work.

We have tested WooCommerce Product Table with many WordPress plugins that work perfectly together straight out of the box. This includes plugins with a wide range of functionality. For example, dynamic pricing plugins, add to quote plugins, membership plugins, and more.

However, you won’t know for definite whether the plugins will be compatible straight out of the box until you test them together. That is part of the application process.

What happens if my theme/plugin is not compatible?

If you discover any incompatibility issues, then there are a few options:

  • If possible, you should do any extra work that is required to make the plugins compatible. This might involve making changes to your plugin; or providing a connector plugin to integrate them (as WOOF did with their WooCommerce Product Filter plugin). Alternatively, you could provide some custom code that allows them to work together (as YITH did with their Request a Quote plugin).
  • Your theme or plugin might work with WooCommerce Product Table in general, but be incompatible with a specific feature. If this happens, then you can still join our plugin compatibility program on a limited basis. The most common example is that some plugins work with the standard version of WooCommerce Product Table but not the lazy load option, which uses AJAX. If this applies to your plugin, then we can certify it as being officially compatible but excluding lazy load. We would then publish the compatibility alongside clear information about this limitation.
  • If the plugins are fundamentally incompatible then unfortunately we can’t certify it under our plugin compatibility program.

Application form

Please complete the following information to apply for your theme or plugin to join the WooCommerce Product Table compatibility program. We will then set up your theme/plugin on a test site and send you the details so that you can test it with WooCommerce Product Table.

  • Enter the name of the theme(s) or plugin(s) that you'd like to apply for the WooCommerce Product Table compatibility program.
  • Please provide information about your theme/plugin. For plugins, please describe what it does.
  • Provide the URL where your theme or plugin is sold. This could be a free theme or plugin on WordPress.org, a sales page on your own website, or on a third party marketplace such as ThemeForest or CodeCanyon.
  • Please upload a zip file containing your theme/plugin. We will install this on a test site for you to test with WooCommerce Product Table.
    Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: zip.
  • If your theme or plugin requires a license key to work on the test site, please enter this here.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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