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WooCommerce Protected Categories tutorials

We regularly publish tutorials about how to use WooCommerce Protected Categories for different use cases. You can also find video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

Clothes in a boutique
How To Set WooCommerce Wholesale Prices

Learn how to set WooCommerce wholesale prices in WordPress and sell to retail shoppers and wholesale customers without having to create a separate store!

May 20, 2019tutorials wholesale woocommerce
How to Restrict WordPress Media Files Access to Specific User Roles
How to Restrict WordPress Media Files Access to Specific User Roles

Learn how to secure private content by protecting both WordPress categories and their file attachments in the media library to specific user roles.

April 11, 2019security tutorials woocommerce
WooCommerce login link plugin
WooCommerce URL-Based Login: How to Let Users Log Into their Account by Clicking a Link

Fed up of username and password problems? Learn how to implement WooCommerce URL-Based Login for any WordPress website.

November 15, 2018tutorials woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce password protect categories
Password Protect Product Categories in WooCommerce

In response to popular demand, we have launched a new WordPress plugin called WooCommerce Password Protected Categories.

September 29, 2018plugin-news tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce schools shop plugin
How to use WooCommerce to Sell Protected Products to Schools

Schools are the 2nd biggest users of the WooCommerce Protected Categories plugin. Learn how to sell private products to schools, parents and alumni.

July 30, 2018tutorials woocommerce-protection
Hide WooCommerce Store
2 Easy Plugins to Create a WooCommerce Hidden Store

This video tutorial with written instructions tells you how to use the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories plugin to hide a WooCommerce store.

July 10, 2018tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
A lock on a wooden door.
The 2 Best WooCommerce Trade Login Plugins (And How to Use Them)

If you’re running a wholesale or trade store, you need to make sure it’s designed effectively. We’ll introduce the plugins that can help you customize your WooCommerce store and optimize its layout!

May 18, 2018tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
Hide WooCommerce Category from Shop page
How to Hide a WooCommerce Category from the Shop Page

Need to hide a WooCommerce category from the shop page? We’ll show you how to hide one or more categories from your WooCommerce shop page via a user-friendly plugin.

April 23, 2018tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce photography website with client login
Case Study + Instructions: Build a WooCommerce Photography Website with Client-Specific Products

Discover how Photo Studio TNK created a WooCommerce photography website with a hidden area for each client, and photos displayed in a product table layout with variations.

April 20, 2018tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce private category plugin
WooCommerce Private Category Plugin & How to Use It

Looking for a WooCommerce private category plugin to make one or more categories at your WooCommerce store private? To save a lot of time and give you more flexibility, you can use a WooCommerce private category plugin.

April 10, 2018tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
hide categories
WooCommerce Hide Categories Plugin & How to Use It

Looking for a WooCommerce hide categories plugin that will let you hide specific categories from your WooCommerce store? In this post, I’ll show you how you can hide one or more WooCommerce categories using either a password or WordPress user roles and capabilities.

March 30, 2018tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
2 User-Friendly Plugins to Hide WooCommerce Products
2 User-Friendly Plugins to Hide WooCommerce Products

Learn three different ways to hide WooCommerce products using either core functionality or easy-to-use plugins. By the end, you’ll be able to hide everything from a single product to an entire category or store.

March 8, 2018tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
Private WooCommerce Members Only Shop
3 Easy Ways to Create WooCommerce Private Content

Discover 3 easy ways to create WooCommerce private content with the WooCommerce Private Store and Protected Categories WordPress plugins.

March 2, 2018tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce wholesale plugin
How to build a WooCommerce B2B Wholesale Store: Your Complete, Step-By-Step Guide (with Video)

A complete tutorial on how to choose & use the best WooCommerce wholesale plugin. Password protection, table-based wholesale layouts & more.

January 4, 2018integrations order-form tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
Sell WooCommerce User-Specific Products to Sports Teams & More: Step-By-Step Tutorial
Sell WooCommerce User-Specific Products to Sports Teams & More: Step-By-Step Tutorial

Learn how to use our Password Protected Categories plugin to sell WooCommerce user-specific products to sports teams and other organizations.

December 12, 2017tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
Hide WooCommerce Store
How to Build a Private WooCommerce Members Only Shop

Complete guide to building a WooCommerce members only shop with membership plugin. I’ll help you to choose the right plugin for your specific needs, and provide full setup instructions. 

September 6, 2017tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce Wholesale Customer Categories
Build a WooCommerce Wholesale Store with Hidden Categories for Each Customer

Learn how to build a WooCommerce wholesale store with hidden categories of unique products for each customer.

May 11, 2017tutorials wholesale woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce Private Area Plugin
Create a WooCommerce Client Area: which plugin to choose?

This article will help you choose the best plugin to create a WooCommerce private area. It compares WooCommerce Private Store & WooCommerce Password Protected Categories.

March 10, 2017tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection
WooCommerce Password Protected Categories
Tutorial: WooCommerce Password Protect Category

Watch our video tutorial explaining how to use the WooCommerce Password Protected Categories WordPress plugin.

March 14, 2016plugin-news tutorials woocommerce woocommerce-protection

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