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Plugins & themes not compatible with WooCommerce Product Table

The following plugins and themes are unfortunately not compatible with WooCommerce Product Table. We also publish a list of compatible themes and plugins.

Incompatible plugins

The following plugins can’t be used with WooCommerce Product Table at all:

Plugins with limited functionality

Plugins which can be used alongside WooCommerce Product Table, but their functionality doesn’t work within the product table itself:

  • WooCommerce Catalog Enquiry – this plugin does not affect the content of the product table, i.e. it does not hide the price, disable the add to cart buttons or show an enquiry button. You can use it with WooCommerce Product Table by listing products without a price column or add to cart column. Instead, simply add a ‘button’ column which links to the single product page. The single product page will appear in catalog mode with the disabled add to cart button and/or enquiry form (depending on how you set up the plugin).
  • WooCommerce Deposits – WooCommerce Product Table works with some of the features of this plugin but not others. Specifically:
    • If you have set deposits to ‘Required’ then this will work correctly in the product table. The full price will appear in the table, with the deposit amount clearly listed in the cart and checkout.
    • If you have set deposits to ‘Optional’ then the deposits option appears correctly in the product table for variable products, but not single products. If you would like to take optional deposits for single products then you will need to remove the add to cart column from the product table and instead, allow people to choose their deposit options and purchase from the single product page.
  • YITH WooCommerce Compare – the ‘Compare’ buttons do not appear in the product table.
  • YITH WooCommerce Waiting List and WooCommerce Waitlist – you can use these plugins with WooCommerce Product Table, but the ‘Add to waiting list’ buttons do not appear in the product table. Instead, out of stock products have a ‘read more’ button in the add to cart column. This links through to the single page where the customer can add the product to the waiting list.
  • WooCommerce Wishlists – the Add to Wishlist buttons do not appear in the product table. Instead, please use one of the wishlist plugins recommended in our article about compatible wishlist plugins.
  • WooCommerce Measurement Price Calculator – the measurement entry fields appear in the product table but are not pushed through to the cart. We are interested to know how many people would like to use WooCommerce Product Table with measurement price calculators, so please send us a feature request if you would be interested in this integration. In the meantime, we can suggest 2 workarounds:
    • Remove the add to cart column from the product table and show a ‘button’ column instead, linking to the single product page. Customers can use the measurement price calculator on the single product page, where it will function correctly.
    • Use the WooCommerce Product Add-Ons plugin to allow customers to enter measurements directly in the product table. We have integrated with this plugin, so it’s a good alternative.
  • Product Visibility by User Role for WooCommerce – if you set a product to be invisible, then it still appears in the product table but the ‘Add to cart’ button and link to the single product page are disabled. This plugin is suitable to use with WooCommerce Product Table if you just want to disable purchasing based on user role, but not if you want to hide products completely.


  • Nano (because of Nano Core plugin).
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