Our first Low Cost Website Design is Now Live

Published on: Updated: March 24, 2018

Low cost web design serviceMySimpleSite and MySimpleStore, our low cost website design services, were launched recently. I’m excited to announce that our first low cost website is now live. You can check it out at gitelebelvedere.com.

Why was MySimpleSite suitable for Gite le Belvedere?

Gite le Belvedere is a small business providing holiday accommodation in the Chamonix Valley, France. Their old website no longer met their needs, so they needed a new improved one.

Our free website design service was launched late last year. We had previously worked with the owner of Gite le Belvedere on a bigger holiday website. When we spoke with them about Gite le Belvedere, we recommended our low cost website design service. This was the best way to provide a professional website for the lowest price. There was no need for a more time-intensive full web design service so MySimpleSite was ideal.

How we designed this affordable, low cost website

We designed the website using MySimpleSite Demo 2. This is a clean and modern design with large full-width images. For example, the design can easily be adapted to suit many different small business websites. It also works with different logos and colour schemes. There’s an attractive homepage layout with sections that will suit most websites. It even has eye-catching call to action buttons. These can direct visitors to contact you or make a purchase, depending on the purpose of your low cost website.

The client followed our tips on how to get the most from their cheap website design. This made a huge difference and their low cost website is looking fantastic.

Was the website different from the MySimpleSite demo?

While the overall layout of Demo 2 was suitable for Gite le Belvedere, we made some important adjustments to suit their content. For example:

  • Replaced the introductory section on the homepage with a prominent image gallery. This highlights the beauty of the holiday accommodation and surrounding area.
  • Removed the call to action lower down the homepage. Instead, we added a section listing things to do in the local area.
  • Changed the one-page website design to a multi-page format. This allowed the client to present more information on the website.
  • Added complexity to the website structure, with dropdowns in the navigation menus.
  • Divided the blog into multiple categories.

Hopefully this helps to illustrate just how flexible a low cost website design can be. While an affordable MySimpleSite is less flexible than our full web design service, there are still plenty of options.

The Gite le Belvedere website looks fantastic because the client worked closely with us to discuss what is and isn’t possible with the design. We thought creatively and advised on the best way to achieve his requirements within the context of the design. This allowed us to produce a highly professional website that was on time and on budget. We hope it increases bookings for Gite le Belvedere and look forward to designing more low cost websites in future.

It’s time to order your own low cost website design!

If you like the Gite le Belvedere website, you’ll love what we can do for your own website. We’d love to design a similar low cost website for you, professionally tailored to your needs and your business.

We offer 2 affordable price options – choose free website setup followed by £50/month for 1 year (£20/month thereafter); or £350 setup followed by £20/month. There’s also an affordable WooCommerce web design option. Your low cost website could be live in as little as 2-5 days!

Check out our affordable web design page, choose your design and order your website today. Or if you’re a designer or developer, you can offer low cost websites to your clients as a white label service.

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