Posts Table Pro Use Case - Document Library WordPress Plugin

Use the Posts Table Pro plugin to create a searchable WordPress document library for resources, publications or other downloads. It's the perfect document library WordPress plugin.

A document library WordPress plugin creates a section of a website where you can share resources with other people. It may be a publicly available library of publications, or a private document library for your staff or other users.

Posts Table Pro makes it easy to create and maintain a document library in WordPress. Add each document as a post or custom post and use the plugin to display them as a document library.

You can specify the information from each post to be displayed in the document library, for example document title, publication date, author or any other custom fields or taxonomies.

It’s a breeze for your users to find the documents they’re looking for. They can click a column heading to sort by that column or use the search box to find documents matching a specific keyword.

Read our in-depth tutorial on how to create a WordPress document library using Posts Table Pro.

Common types of document library in WordPress

Policies & procedures

Create a policies & procedures library for your staff.

Product documentation

Provide easy-to-navigate articles documenting your products.

Video library

Display links to your video posts in a searchable table format.

Publications library

Create a sortable archive of your company publications.

Example document library of WordPress posts

This document library has been created using the Posts Table Pro shortcode as follows:

Document library WordPress plugin with each document added as a separate post: [posts_table columns="title,content,date,categories"]

Document library with a 'Documents' custom post type: [posts_table columns="title,content,date,categories" post_type="documents"]

To customise your document library WordPress plugin even further, you can use the documentation to change various elements of the table. This lets you control the default sort order, the number of rows per page or to display custom fields or taxonomies. Or read our tutorial on how to create a WordPress document library.

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