WooCommerce Restaurant Ordering


Release date 4 August 2020

  • The product lightbox now displays the short description if the product doesn't have a long description.
  • Improved the display of product lightbox on mobile.
  • Improved error messages when a product cannot be ordered.
  • Added support for WooCommerce Product Table in the product lightbox.
  • Ensure full support for WooCommerce Protected Categories.
  • Dev: added filter to allow hidden products to be displayed in order form (default: false).
  • Dev: added filters for the product name, modal price, image and modal data.


Release date 24 July 2020

  • Changed the display of images in order form to prevent stretching or distortion for products with very small thumbnails or sites where thumbnails are not cropped to the exact size.


Release date 23 July 2020

  • Initial release.