WooCommerce Protected Categories



Release date 13 June 2018

  • New: Allow shortcodes to be used in login form message.
  • Tweak: Added license.txt for GPL.
  • Fix: Fatal error setting Category login page in plugin settings.


Release date 4 June 2018

  • New: Add separate stylesheet for front-end and remove inline styles from login form.
  • New: Added WPML config file.
  • New: Tested up to WP 4.9.6 and WC 3.4.1.
  • Tweak: Various code improvements; renamed admin classes.
  • Fix: Conflict with Cosmetro theme (and potentially other themes which override the woocommerce_template_loop_category_title function).
  • Fix: Template issue with Flatsome theme for products in protected categories.
  • Dev: Updated license code.


Release date 18 October 2017

  • Tested with WooCommerce 3.2.1.


Release date 6 October 2017

  • Add more options to [category_login] shortcode (button_text, label, etc).
  • Restructured plugin code and object creation - use dependency injection, and move hooks & filters out of constructors.
  • Fix potential issue in category login shortcode.
  • Fix bug in protection for WooCommerce shortcodes.
  • Additional multisite testing.


Release date 4 October 2017

  • Tested with latest versions of WooCommerce and WordPress.
  • Fix potential issue if category login shortcode runs in admin.


Release date 5 September 2017

  • Fix: Ensure password cookie is set correctly when no expiry set in plugin options.
  • Tweak: Restructured plugin initialisation and added extra utility functions.
  • Tweak: Updated plugin support links.
  • Tweak: Updated translations.


Release date 7 June 2017

  • Fix: Bug on product category archives when display type set to subcategories.


Release date 5 June 2017

  • Fix: Bug in get_terms_args filter which was causing incorrect display of product category pages.
  • Tweak: Tested with WordPress 4.8.


Release date 22 May 2017

  • Fix: PasswordHash class was not found under certain conditions.


Release date 5 May 2017

  • Fix: Bug for variable products for WooCommerce below v3.0.


Release date 25 April 2017

  • New: Plugin setting to control how long the password entered is valid before it expires.
  • New: Plugin settings to customise the login form - heading, password label, and label placeholder option.
  • New: Login form now shows error messages if no password or incorrect password entered.
  • Fix: The form message in plugin settings is now used if not set in shortcode.
  • Fix: Category login page can now be set to the main shop page.
  • Fix: Compatibility with WooCommerce 3.0.


Release date 3 February 2017

  • Fix: Revert error with password protected categories introduced in previous version.


Release date 3 February 2017

  • Fix: Compatibility issue with servers running older versions of PHP.
  • Tweak: Updated license code.


Release date 28 January 2017

  • New: Plugin option to set CSS class on password form container.
  • Fix: Bug with products in protected categories when 'show protected products' option disabled.
  • Tweak: Ensure category login shortcode works in widgets.
  • Tweak: Update license key code.


Release date 26 January 2017

  • New: Category login shortcode which allows customers or clients to login to their own product category by using a category password.
  • New: Plugin option to allow the 'category login' page to be set.
  • Fix: Bug with protected child categories which have a password protected parent.
  • Tweak: Change filter for category password form to 'wp_ppc_password_form' to prevent theme conflicts.
  • Tweak: Update license code and plugin updater.


Release date 5 January 2017

  • Fix fatal error in WC_Category_Prefixer class.
  • Update license activation code.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.7.


Release date 21 November 2016

  • Revert to default WordPress login code for setting password cookie.
  • Styling improvements to category visibility option in admin.


Release date 16 November 2016

  • New feature: support for multiple passwords for each category. The category is unlocked if any valid password is entered.
  • Added plugin option to change button text on protected category form.
  • Added Italian translation (credit: Libri Ehret).


Release date 3 November 2016

  • Add protection for built-in WooCommerce shortcodes (recent products, sale products, featured products, best selling, etc)
  • Update license validation code and fix error with license key activation
  • Add link to documentation from Plugins page


Release date 16 September 2016

  • Fixed PHP error when password protected category contains no products
  • Added Spanish translation (credit: Victor Castillejos)


Release date 8 September 2016

  • Fixed bug with filtering of protected & private categories introduced in WordPress 4.6
  • Renamed utility functions to prevent conflicts with other themes/plugins
  • Updated translations


Release date 31 August 2016

  • Fixed bug with password being reset when using 'quick edit' to edit category
  • Fixed bug with license validation code which prevented it working on servers earlier than PHP 5.5


Release date 26 August 2016

  • Added support for the WooCommerce category shortcode [product_category]. When used on any page, widget, etc. your products will now be protected.
  • Added new option to allow the password form to be customised to any wording you choose. Set this under WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Password Protected Categories.
  • Updated EDD Updater which handles the plugin updates
  • Updated license key code


Release date 16 August 2016

  • Update category protection logic to work with existing taxonomy queries
  • Fix problem with category visibility option not working properly in certain themes
  • Fix E_NOTICE errors generated on pages in some themes
  • Fix error retrieving product categories for WordPress versions prior to 4.5


Release date 28 June 2016

  • Ensure products in password protected categories cannot be added to the cart
  • Improve error handling for license activation
  • French translation added (credit: Yven Lebreton)
  • Fix bug retrieving product category ancestors which resulted in unnecessary DB calls


Release date 9 May 2016

  • New visibility option to show/hide password protected categories in navigation menus (see WooCommerce -> Settings -> Products -> Password Protected Categories)
  • Updated main protection hooks to exclude categories during database queries rather than remove products afterwards
  • Bug fix for certain themes to display password form correctly


Release date 21 April 2016

  • Re-write main plugin architecture to improve database performance and caching


Release date 15 April 2016

  • Update plugin licensing to work with servers using older versions of cURL
  • Add link to settings from main WordPress Plugins page
  • Test with WordPress 4.5 and WooCommerce 2.5.5


Release date 11 March 2016

  • Fix compatibility issue with PHP 5.2


Release date 2 March 2016

  • Added plugin settings page and license key registration.
  • Added plugin options to show/hide password protected categories, and to prefix category names.


Release date 1 March 2016

  • Initial release.