Posts Table Pro Use Case - Knowledge Base

Use the Posts Table Pro WordPress plugin to create a knowledge base or resource hub by presenting your articles in an easy-to-use table.

A knowledge base or resource hub is a centralized area of your website for sharing information with your readers. It may consist of online documentation for your products or services, or it may be a repository of knowledge and other useful information.

Posts Table Plus offers an easy way to create a knowledge base.

First, add all the articles and information to your WordPress website as posts or custom posts, with extra data stored as custom fields or taxonomies as required.

Next, install Posts Table Plus and configure the shortcode to display your posts as a knowledge base.

The plugin will create a dynamic table of your articles. The table includes a search box and is also sortable by column, making it a breeze for your users to find the information they’re looking for.

Read our in-depth tutorial on how to create a WordPress document library using Posts Table Pro. The instructions can equally be used to create a knowledge hub.

Common types of knowledge base

Article directory

Create a resource of in-depth articles about a particular topic.


Provide a database of frequently asked questions about a product or service.

Online documentation

Create easy-to-use online documentation for your customers or users.

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