Posts Table Pro Use Case - Product Catalogue

Whether you use WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, WP E-Commerce or another e-commerce plugin, Posts Table Pro lets you display your products in a searchable, sortable table. While it works with WooCommerce, if you're a WooCommerce user then you may prefer to use our dedicated plugin WooCommerce Product Table.

Many e-commerce stores have large numbers of products which need to be presented in a clear and succinct format. Instead of forcing customers to scroll through many pages of products, Posts Table Pro lets you display products in a dynamic data table.

Posts Table Pro provides a new way of displaying WooCommerce and other products, separate from the shop and category layouts that are built into your theme.

Use the shortcode to create a searchable, sortable table of your products.

There are plenty of options and you can select the information about each product to be displayed, the product categories to be displayed, the default sort order and much more. The perfect way to create a WooCommerce product catalogue.

View our tutorial on how to set up a WooCommerce product catalogue.

Example product catalogue

This WooCommerce product catalogue has been created using the Posts Table Pro shortcode as follows. It shows WooCommerce products with columns for product title, description, product categories and price.

[posts_table columns="title,content,tax:product_cat,cf:_price" post_type="product"]

To customise your e-commerce product catalogue even further, you can use the documentation to change various elements of the table.

If you want to display WooCommerce-specific information such as Add to Cart buttons and customer reviews, you may be better off with our WooCommerce Product Table plugin instead of Posts Table Pro.

If you're not sure of the terminology to use to create your product catalogue - for example the exact name of the price field - then we recommend asking the developer of your e-commerce plugin.

Get Posts Table Pro and start displaying your content in new ways!