Posts Table Pro Use Case - WordPress Events List

Whether you use The Events Calendar, Event Espresso or another WordPress events plugin, Posts Table Pro lets you display your events in a searchable, sortable table or list view.

Many events booking websites have lots of upcoming events which need to be presented in a clear and succinct list or table. Instead of forcing customers to scroll through many pages of events or click on multiple dates on a calendar, Posts Table Pro lets you list your WordPress events in a dynamic data table.

Posts Table Pro provides a new way of displaying events, separate from the layouts that come with your events plugin.

Use the shortcode to create an interactive table of upcoming events.

There are plenty of options and you can select the information about each event to be displayed, which event categories to display, the sort order and plenty more.

View our tutorial on how to set up a WordPress events list.

Example WordPress events list

This WordPress events list has been created using Posts Table Pro to display events from The Events Calendar plugin. It shows upcoming events with columns for event title, description, date and event category.

[posts_table post_type="tribe_events" columns="title,content:Event Overview,cf:_EventStartDate:Date,tax:tribe_events_cat:Category"]

To customise your WordPress events list even further, you can use the documentation to change various elements of the table. This lets you control the default sort order, the number of rows per page or to display custom fields or taxonomies about your events.

Our tutorial on how to set up a WordPress events list provides more information about the correct syntax to use for The Events Calendar plugin, Events Calendar Pro and the WooCommerce add-ons such as Event Tickets Plus. If you're not sure of the terminology to use to create your events list - for example because you're using a different event booking plugin - then we recommend asking the developer of your plugin.

Get Posts Table Pro and start listing your events in new ways!