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The right answer for fast ordering
A client of ours was looking for a way to provide repeat customers with a fast and easy way to reorder their favorite products. This Product Table had all the documentation and customization ability we needed to provide them with a reliable, practical form that could keep their customers happy.
Exactly what I needed and great support
This plugin was the best I could find to allow me to have a WooCommerce cart working on 1 page without a lot of jumping around to multiple category and product pages. Perfect. The 1 integration issue I had was solved over a few emails within a 24 span. Conversely, the other 3rd party plugin I was using took more than a week to sort out because they would only respond once every 24 hours. Ugh, too slow! Kudos to Katie at Barn2 for the excellent response time and solution!
Great Plug-in, Awesome Developer.
This plugin was almost exactly what my customers were asking me to do to make ordering products on a weekly basis much more convenient. Instead of having to wade through our entire catalog of products, they can have a customized order form of only the products they order on a regular basis. They can still access the other products, if their needs change, of course, but this is much more user friendly for them (and me) than the default shopping method on WooCommerce. I had a question for the developer when setting it up, and was amazed at the speed of their response, the depth of understanding of my issue and the amount of time they must have spent in researching the answer. This is the second plugin we've purchased from them and it is because of Katie's blog articles that we knew about it and how we could use it to solve our problem. Her articles are written from the user's point-of-view and give working solutions to some real-world problems that WooCommerce users face. My wish list for future improvement: Add the ability to limit the variable products to selected varieties. I have one popular product with 50+ flavors, but most of my regular customers only order a few of the flavors on a weekly basis. Having all 50+ flavors is not ideal, and while I've devised a sort of workaround for some clients, it would be best if the plugin could handle this itself (each variety has its own product id, so implementing the shortcode would be simple for me or any other WC user if they do add this feature down the road). Highly recommend this plugin and this developer's other products.
Reduces the number of clicks for the customer.
We had a special need for an ecommerce site without the 5 thousand clicks for the customer to purchase our products. We searched for quite a while until we found this one and were a little sceptical as it seemed too good to be true. So we bit the bullet and purchased it, and couldn’t be happier about the choice. Our customers now have a list of our products (food) they can quickly add to the cart, and then head to payment without having to click a product to take them to its separate page before they add to the cart. The help was also great, we had a few questions and they were answered quickly by Katie. This plugin is well worth the price.
Exactly what we were looking for, PLUS super-fast, awesome docs and support
We were looking for a product table with the ability to buy several things without being directed to the individual product pages and well, that's what this plugin does! :) I loved the clear and concise documentation, despite the multitude of different settings available. This plugin offers a lot of options and it's really wonderful to see that the documentation actually teaches you how to use it for the most specific cases. Also loving how quickly it loads - I was expecting something clunky and it seems like the plugin is coded extremely well. I don't know too much about coding plugins, but I've seen a lot of slow, ugly ones with much less functionality. Bravo!
The fastest quick order form with super support
For our wholesale chocolate shop I needed a fast orderform. I used one before, but I was not satisfied with speed and I needed a lot of hacking to make it conform my wishes. With the Product Table plugin I don't need hacks anymore, because it has so many options and the little wish left is added to the plugin after my request. Katie is always fast and clever in her replies and I love to read her blog posts. Our customers like to order with the form and that saves us a lot of time.
Just what we needed
The Wholesale Product Table Plugin works great! It does exactly what we need to make our wholesale pages into an order form. Support has been fantastic to help us tweak the plugin to our exact needs. Cheers!
a plugin that should be a woocommerce ...Prerequisite
Since January, i tried a couple of wp plugins (one of them paid), i have even paid a developer to customize his plugin to match my need on my web site and still nothing worked. The problem was that in my b2b wp-site, i wanted to display products in a table format. Case included: Products with variants, with weekly updates and different custom fields per category. ....all that was NO PROBLEM at all with woocommerce-product-table! Absolutely perfect !!.. with lots of customization options and a complete documentation help. ...even more i had sent three emails for specific technical questions. The reply came within 12-hours (even on Sunday) - to the point - and helpful indeed. Please get rid of other plugins - this is all you need. (ps you should get rid of other plugins in any case to avoid conflicts.)
Love it!
This plugin helped us to display our products in a whole new way. Our clients now have a very detailed / elegant view that shows the different variations / pricing. I would recommend this plugin to anyone.
Great Plugin!
I needed a simple table to display thousands of products in table form and this plugin did the trick. Plus, it is super simple for the customer to select many items at one time. Before I installed I was lucky to get orders with three items, now I AVERAGE ten products per order. Support is also really good too. I highly recommend this plugin.