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Awesome table
I started using the table as a dealer only order table. I wanted my dealers to be able to order quickly by product. The already know what they are buying and don't need all the Fluff of a regular shopping cart. This allows them to order quickly and effortlessly. keep up the great work
Quite a unique plugin and very suitable for online ordering for restaurants during Cov-19. Works well with a number of other plugins too, expanding its usefulness. Works well.
Restaurant tutorials + Product Table = New website in less than a few days!
I run a small food cart in Ohio, USA. Because of COVID/Corona my state government has recommended that my customers be able to order online and that they receive a text when their order is done to mitigate folks standing around my food cart waiting for their order to come up. Barn2's restaurant tutorials saved my butt!! and now i have an awesome looking and functional website. I haven't used WordPress in over a decade... ? forever.. ?. And I've never used Woocommerce. It took a week of me fighting with my Square POS issues and finding a theme that fit my style. After those two things we're settled it took no time for me to follow the tutorials and basically cut and paste Barn2's examples. I didn't have to take the time to understand syntax, parameters, or wrap my head around generic, abstract documentation that I normally can't understand without multiple, relatable examples. I even took it a step further and plagiarized the look of the website mentioned in the tutorials: Deliciously Clean Eats - . Thank you!
Great plugin for restaurants that don't want to spend a ton on custom solutions
Love this plugin! Easily turned a simple restaurant website into a full blown online ordering system that worked as well as a custom app we were considering. Saved the client over $2k and helped them keep an extra 10% per transaction.
Order Form
After reviewing Katie's great tutorial I started to build an entire ordering system for a restaurant. It took me twice as long as her demonstration video as I had to add 35 products with pictures as her demo only included a few products. But the bottom line is that when I finished I had an entire online restaurant food ordering system functioning perfectly! Bravo Katie! Great tutorial and a great product.
What I was looking for
I need to make an online restaurant menu to pre-sell dishes for take away and this plugin is exactly what I was looking for. The thing I like most is that table content is very flexible thanks to Shortcuts. Support also is excellent.
Perfect wholesale order form solution!
We run an import and distribution business in craft chocolate. We use the product table for our customers to place quick and easy orders. The plugin is a great solution for our business. Also, the support given by Barn2media is top-notch. Not only do they reply very quick but they resolve any issue I have had.
Excellent Product, Excellent Support
We are building a convenience store with a focus on foodservice, and we anticipated either needing to build an ordering system or share profits with a third party. Luckily we found an article discussing the power of Product Tables and it pointed us to this plug in. Once we grasped a few concepts (developer novices at best) we realized that with very little effort we could build a system exactly the way we envisioned. Thanks to Katie and team!
The right answer for fast ordering
A client of ours was looking for a way to provide repeat customers with a fast and easy way to reorder their favorite products. This Product Table had all the documentation and customization ability we needed to provide them with a reliable, practical form that could keep their customers happy.
Exactly what I needed and great support
This plugin was the best I could find to allow me to have a WooCommerce cart working on 1 page without a lot of jumping around to multiple category and product pages. Perfect. The 1 integration issue I had was solved over a few emails within a 24 span. Conversely, the other 3rd party plugin I was using took more than a week to sort out because they would only respond once every 24 hours. Ugh, too slow! Kudos to Katie at Barn2 for the excellent response time and solution!