Dr. Claudia Welch

Dr. Claudia Welch is a high profile expert in Eastern Medicine and Ayurveda. Through her WordPress website, she offers a range of online training and resources to support people in their journey towards wellness.

Dr. Welch’s previous website was a few years old, not mobile-friendly and consisted of 3 separate systems. She asked us to design a fresh and modern-looking website which would combine all her requirements into a single WordPress installation. The website needed to be robust behind the scenes with the ability to grow into the future.

Phase 1 of the project consisted of redesigning this WordPress website and adding a fully featured e-commerce section, designed to maximise sales of Dr. Welch’s books and CD’s. The timing of this phase was critical and coincided with the publication of Dr. Welch’s new book.

This is an exciting ongoing project. We’re looking forwards to extending the website with a complete learning management system. This will allow students to purchase and complete Dr. Welch’s courses directly on the website.

Dr. Welch is delighted with the new website and you can read her full review on our Google+ page.

Our Solution

  • Responsive WordPress e-commerce website designed using the popular Bridge theme
  • Events management powered by the Events Calendar WordPress plugin
  • Restructured the information from the previous website into an intuitive, easy to navigate Resources section
  • WordPress SEO service to optimise the website for search engines
  • Automatic publishing of new posts to Facebook and Twitter
  • Custom MailChimp templates to match the website, with the ability to create one-off newsletters and automatically notify subscribers of new posts added to the website
Professional Web Design
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