Prime Space

Prime Space were a company in Singapore providing high-end property rentals. They contacted Barn2 Media because they were so impressed with our own WordPress website. They wanted a very similar website tailored to the property industry.

The brief was to design a professional WordPress website with excellent attention to detail and similar layouts to the Barn2 Media website.

Sadly, Prime Space was dissolved and the WordPress website we designed was never launched. However the website was almost complete and is a good example of our WordPress web design work.

Our Solution

  • WordPress web design using the Loom theme, which is also used on the Barn2 Media website
  • Design of multiple page layouts similar to the ones on our site – for example the Process page reflects the layout of Barn2’s Our Approach page
  • Source professional imagery free for commercial use which is suitable for the property sector
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  • Date: 03/18/2015
  • Categories: Theme Setup
  • Client: Prime Space