TKA Solutions

TKA Solutions are a new company providing scaffolding solutions to the facilities management and building maintenance industries.

The owner was looking for a WordPress development agency to create a professional WordPress website that he can update yourself and add text, images and videos. The brief was to design a simple WordPress website that is clean, modern and professional-looking, acting as a ‘shop window’ for TKA Solutions to test the business concept. It needed to be flexible, with the ability to grow with the company as part of their wider marketing strategy.

The ultimate aim of the website was to promote TKA Solutions and generate leads, thus helping to grow the company and maximise its success.

Our Solution

  • WordPress theme setup using the Mammoth theme from Creativ
  • Eye-catching portfolio showcasing TKA Solutions’ recent projects
  • WordPress blog to add personality to the site
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Built in a modular and flexible way that will grow with TKA Solutions into the future
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