YourKey offer free advice and support to anyone who has had an accident that wasn’t their fault. They asked us to redesign the existing YourKey website to attract a younger audience and clarify the YourKey message. They also asked us to migrate their database of over 300,000 members to a more modern mailing list provider that would allow them to benefit from more advanced tracking and analytics.

The ultimate aim of the project was to re-engage YourKey’s existing members and inspire new ones to join. This was to be achieved by presenting a strong message that you should always contact YourKey first after an accident, not your insurance company.

Our Solution

  • Attention-grabbing doodle animation explaining the YourKey message in just 2 minutes. The video was placed at the top of the homepage and also published on YouTube for extra publicity
  • WordPress website design using the hugely popular Inovado theme, which we customised to meet YourKey’s exact requirements
  • Professional SEO-friendly copywriting to effectively convey the YourKey message to their target audience
  • Migration of YourKey’s 300,000+ members into MailChimp, and custom MailChimp development to add a registration form to the website and generate a unique membership number for each signup
  • Joomla to WordPress migration of hundreds of blog posts from YourKey’s other sites, consolidating all their websites into the new YourKey site
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