Posts Table with Search & Sort Demo

The following demos show our Posts Table with Search & Sort plugin in action. This free WordPress plugin automatically lists your posts in a searchable and sortable table. There are various options allowing you to control the content of the table, and here are some popular ways to use it.

Hi there! Just to let you know our pro versions Post Table Pro and WooCommerce Product Table are now available. They include full support for posts, pages, WooCommerce products, custom post types, custom taxonomies, post tags, terms, custom fields (including Advanced Custom Fields), featured images, AJAX loading, and much more.

Basic example

Display all posts, showing 5 rows per page.

[posts_data_table rows_per_page="5"]


Prevent content wrapping

Set wrap=false to prevent rows wrapping onto multiple lines. If the selected columns no longer fit in the table, then a “+” icon will appear to the left of each row to allow access to the rest of the data.

[posts_data_table wrap="false" rows_per_page="5"]


Sorting posts

You can sort the posts by clicking the sort arrow at the top of each column. You can also set a default sort order when the table is first loaded by using the `sort_by` option. You can sort by any column name: id, title, date, author, category or content. If the column does not appear in your table, it will be added as a hidden column at the end, so the ordering still works as expected.

The example below sorts the post by their title. It also shows how to use the content_length option to set the number of words displayed in the content column.

[posts_data_table sort_by="title" columns="date,author,title,content" content_length=5 rows_per_page="5"]


Display posts from a certain category

You can limit the posts by category using the category option. You can only specify one category and you must use the slug (not the name!) of the category you want to display posts from. If you don't know the slug for your category, you can find it in the WordPress admin under the Posts -> Categories menu - the slug is displayed in the category list table.

[posts_data_table columns="date,author,title,content" category="wordpress-business" rows_per_page="5"]


Search on click

The search_on_click option lets you automatically search (i.e. filter) the table by clicking on certain links in the table. The free version is limited to post categories or author links, but the Pro version extends search on click functionality to post tags and custom taxonomies. Try clicking the category or author links below to filter the table.

[posts_data_table columns="id,title,category,author" search_on_click="true" rows_per_page="8"]

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