Create Product Tables with WooCommerce Minimum & Maximum Quantities

We’re pleased to announce that our top selling WooCommerce Product Table plugin works with the free WooCommerce Maximum Quantity plugin and the official Min/Max Quantities plugins. You can list products in a filterable table, limiting the number of each product that customers can add to the cart.

WooCommerce maximum quantity table plugin

WooCommerce product table with WooCommerce Max Quantity plugin

See it in action on our demo page.

What is WooCommerce Product Table?

WooCommerce Maximum Quantity Table ViewWooCommerce Product Table is a plugin created by us at Barn2 Media. It creates a flexible tabular layout for your WooCommerce products. You can choose which columns to display, add filters to the table, and much more.

Table layouts can increase conversions on many types of WooCommerce store. It’s particularly popular for bulk order forms, wholesale stores, restaurant order systems, build your own product systems, and large product catalogs. Overall, it’s ideal for any e-commerce website where you want customers to be able to find products quickly and view more products per page. It’s also an easy way to list products with extra product data, without having to create custom layouts.

Quantity plugin #1 – Min/Max Quantities

Min/Max Quantities is the official quantities plugin from

It’s the most advanced quantity plugin featured in this article. As well as letting you set minimum and maximum quantities for each product, it also works with individual product variations. It even supports minimum and maximum order values, which is a real benefit for many stores. There are some extra bonus features such as the ability to set the minimum and maximum quantity globally or for individual products, and to exclude specific products from these rules.

You can also use the plugin to force customers to buy in specific multiples – e.g. so that you can only buy a product in increments of 5.

How does it work with WooCommerce Product Table?

When you use Min/Max Quantities with WooCommerce Product Table, you are physically prevented from adding the wrong number of products to the cart. This works whether you add a global minimum/maximum quantity or value for the entire order, or if you control the quantities for individual products or variations.

The quantity picker in the product table will only show the available quantity. For example, if you set a maximum quantity then when you click the up arrow, you can’t increase it beyond the maximum quantity.

If you try to override this and manually type a higher or lower number into the quantity box, then an error message will appear. An error message will also appear if you’ve set global rules for your store and try to add more than the maximum quantity to the cart.

If your cart doesn’t contain the minimum number or value of products, then an error will appear in the cart telling you how much more you need to add.

An error will also appear in the cart if you try to add more than the maximum value of products to your order. This happens in the cart rather than the product table, as that’s where the total order value is calculated.

WooCommerce minimum maximum order value plugin

I set this variable product to have a minimum quantity of 2 and a maximum quantity of 5.

WooCommerce maximum variation quantity plugin

The Min/Max Quantities plugin won’t let me add more than the minimum or maximum number of products to the cart.

Warning – only works with standard add to cart buttons (not checkboxes)

The only incompatibility we’re aware of is that the official WooCommerce Min/Max Quantities plugin doesn’t work with the add to cart checkboxes in WooCommerce Product Table.

If you’re using the plugin to set a minimum quantity then you’ll need to use the standard add to cart buttons instead of checkboxes. You can either set the add to cart button type globally on the plugin settings page, or just in the specific tables where you’re using products with a minimum quantity.

Quantity plugin #2 – WooCommerce Maximum Quantity plugin

WooCommerce Max Quantity is a free WordPress plugin available on It’s very popular, well supported, and is used on over 4,000 websites worldwide.

This WooCommerce maximum quantity plugin lets you limit the number of each product that customers can buy. You can either do this on a global basis (e.g. you can only buy 2 of each product), or on a per-product basis.

How does it work with WooCommerce Product Table?

WooCommerce Maximum Quantities in TableWhen you use WooCommerce Max Quantity with WooCommerce Product Tables, customers can only add a limited number of each product to their cart. If you include an Add to Cart column with quantity selectors in the table, then each product will have an Add to Cart button next to a quantity box with up-down arrows.

For example – perhaps you’ve given one or all of your products a maximum quantity of 3. The WooCommerce maximum quantity plugin will limit the up/down arrows to prevent customers from increasing the quantity beyond 3. If they manually type a higher number into the box, an error appears when they click the Add to Cart button.

Visit our demo page to see the 2 plugins in action.

Please note that the integration between the two plugins only works with standard product table Add to Cart buttons. The maximum quantities don’t work with the multi-select checkbox option, because this works in a different way.

Which maximum order plugin to use?

If you literally just need to set maximum order quantities for your products, then the free WooCommerce Max Quantity plugin will be fine. If you need more advanced rules, minimum order quantity, variable product support etc., then you’ll need the official Min/Max Quantities plugin.

Where can I get the plugins?

You can buy WooCommerce Product Table on this website. WooCommerce Maximum Quantities is available free of charge from

WooCommerce Product Table WooCommerce Max Quantity Min/Max Quantities