Add Quantity Increments, Min & Max Quantities to your WooCommerce Product Tables

Yesterday, we announced the integration of WooCommerce Product Table with WooCommerce Maximum Quantity. Today we’re pleased to announce that it also works with the free Quantities and Units for WooCommerce plugin. This makes it easy to set quantity increments, default quantities, min and max quantities, plus step values to your product table views.

WooCommerce quantity increments plugin

How do the two plugins work?

WooCommerce Product Table is our bestselling plugin which lists any or all of your products in a space-saving table layout.

Quantities and Units for WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that lets you restrict the number of products that each customer can buy in a single order. There are lots of options for this, including:

  • Create quantity increments so that customers can only buy products in pre-defined multiples. (e.g. 5 of each product).
  • Set minimum and/or maximum quantity.
  • Add decimal points and percentage step values to product quantities (e.g. buy in quantities of 0.25 or 0.5).
  • You can create these rules for individual products or whole product categories.

All of these features work perfectly in WooCommerce Product Table. It you’re listing products in a table then customers will see the appropriate restrictions and errors to ensure that they add to the cart in the correct quantities.

And even better, customers can’t ignore the quantity rules by typing a different quantity directly into the box! Instead, they’ll see an error when they try to add the product to the cart.

See it in action!

We’ve created a demo page showing the quantity increments, minimum and maximum quantity rules in action within WooCommerce Product Table. Try it now and see it working for yourself!

How do I create product tables with quantity increments, min and max quantity?

To create WooCommerce tables with quantity increments, min and max quantities, you just need to set up each plugin in the normal way. They will work together automatically, without any further input from you.

WooCommerce Table instructions

WooCommerce Product Table comes with a detailed knowledge base containing full setup instructions. The plugin demo also has lots of shortcode examples that you can copy.

Quantities and Units for WooCommerce instructions

Quantities and Units for WooCommerce has full setup instructions on the Instructions tab.

To control your WooCommerce quantities, you basically need to go to the ‘Quantity Rules’ section of the WordPress admin and create a rule. You can create rules for all your products or specific categories only.

In this example, I have created a rule that sets the default WooCommerce quantity to zero, a maximum quantity of 5 and decimal point increments of 0.25.

WooCommerce default quantity plugin

This is how the quantity rules will look in your WooCommerce product table. For the first product, you can see the default quantity of zero. For the second and third products, you can see that I have selected different increment step values.

WooCommerce quantity increments plugin

How to set the WooCommerce default quantity to zero

  1. Install the WooCommerce Product Table and Quantities & Units plugins.
  2. Go to the ‘Quantity Rules’ section in the WordPress Dashboard.
  3. Create a rule and select the category(ies) that you need the default quantity for.
  4. Set the Minimum quantity to 0 (zero).
  5. The WooCommerce quantity picker will now show a default value of 0.

Where can I get the plugins?

WooCommerce Product Table Quantities and Units for WooCommerce