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Going live – checklist for launching a new WordPress website

So you've designed a new WordPress website and it's ready to go live. Congratulations! Going live is an important part of the web design process. Over the years,…

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How to make a WordPress website mobile-friendly for SEO

Make your website mobile-friendly – advice from a WordPress SEO company

So it's happening: Google are changing their mobile search results to downgrade websites that aren't mobile-friendly. As a WordPress SEO company, we're working with our longer-standing…

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Google Analytics Visitors Flow diagram

Visitors Flow: the future of Analytics?

Google Analytics has launched its new Visitors Flow feature - is this the future of website analytics? I would agree with Google that traditional path analysis…

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Why a WordPress website is never finished illlustration

Why a website is never finished – Part 2

In this post, I’ll explain why a website should evolve over time and should never be viewed as ‘finished’. (more…)

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