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Best WordPress SEO and Social Media Plugins Infographic

Best WordPress SEO and Social Media Plugins

Our colleagues at have been researching the best WordPress SEO and social media plugins. They have kindly given us permission to share an infographic that…

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WordPress social login - couple

WordPress, social login and the ‘Deadly Embrace’

At first, designing a WordPress website with social login sounds like a great idea. It lets people log into your website without having to create an…

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Google Authorship

What a waste of time! The end of Google Authorship

So it's official. Google Authorship is no longer part of web design. We all saw the warning signs, but it's still a bit of a shock!…

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Less is more in WordPress web design - Illustration

Less is more in WordPress web design

Sometimes Andy decides to have a long rant about something related to WordPress web design. Well, why not? Today it’s what he describes as “pointless website…

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Why a WordPress website is never finished illlustration

Why a website is never finished – Part 2

In this post, I’ll explain why a website should evolve over time and should never be viewed as ‘finished’. (more…)

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