Which WordPress SEO plan is right for my website?

SEO plans

Last week we made our ongoing WordPress SEO plans available to new clients for the first time. I’m writing this post to introduce our different plans and help you decide which one is suitable for your own WordPress website.

A choice of 3 SEO plans

We offer 3 social media marketing and SEO plans specifically designed to raise the profile of WordPress websites. They are aimed at a range of budgets and combine multiple SEO and social media marketing techniques to meet different needs.

Starter SEO Plan – £350 + VAT per month

The Starter Plan is a budget plan that we have developed for bloggers, small businesses, startups and sole traders. It includes lots of vital SEO and social media marketing activites. These include link building, promoting your website on social media on a daily and weekly basis, growing your social media following and encouraging people to engage with your brand, maintaining an accurate XML sitemap to help search engines read your content, monitoring your online marketing via Google Analytics and conversion tracking, a monthly progress report and unlimited support and SEO advice.

This sounds pretty comprehensive, right? Well, the main gap in the Starter SEO plan is that it doesn’t cover the optimisation of your actual website – just your wider online presence. It is aimed at raising your online profile more generally and involves less analysis and targeting of your target market than the more expensive plans.

Standard SEO Plan – £475 + VAT per month

The Standard Plan is much more targeted than the Starter package, helping to drive extremely relevant traffic to your website and social media profiles. We achieve this by peforming in-depth keyword research to select the best keywords to target, SEO-optimising your website on an ongoing basis, writing an SEO-optimised blog post on your behalf each month, and extra reporting and analysis to track progress and make sure you’re getting a good return on your investment.

Ultimate SEO Plan – £850 + VAT per month

The Ultimate plan lives up to its name as it covers all aspects of online marketing, leaving no stone unturned in the quest to promote your WordPress website. The main extras you get compared to the other plans include manually targeted social media communications, Google AdWords, an extra blog post each month plus mailing list building and distribution.

How to choose an SEO plan

What is your budget for SEO?

The obvious way to choose an SEO plan is to base the decision on what you want to spend. This makes sense, particularly for non-profit making businesses that want to raise their online profile without significant investment – in which case the Starter SEO Plan is ideal.

The drawback of this approach is that the more you invest in SEO and social media marketing, the better the likely results. What’s the point in saving money if it results in you making less money because your website is attracting fewer potential customers?

Instead of just looking at the cost, it’s better to consider what’s included in each SEO plan. Think about whether the activities are relevant to your website and likely to bring a significant return on investment for you. If you can easily see how the more expensive SEO plans will bring in more business from your website then it’s worth it, whereas if you don’t need the extra activities then it’s best to stick to a cheaper plan.

Saving money on SEO and social media marketing can be a false economy. What matters is that the activites that are included in the plan are relevant to your webite.

Do I need the extras in the Standard SEO Plan?

The Standard SEO Plan includes several activites that aren’t included in the basic Starter package. Here’s an overview to help you decide whether you need them for your website:

  • Keyword research and target phase selection – This involves performing an in-depth keyword analysis to identify the best keywords for you to rank for in the search engines. This is essential for any website that wants to significantly build their search engine position or generate income. It helps to make the traffic that is generated by the campaign much more relevant. You’ll get the best return on investment if your SEO campaign attracts people who are actively looking for your products or services, rather than general browsers. Unless you’re a blog or non-money-making site, in which case this is less relevant for you.
  • Ongoing on-page optimisation – Along with the keyword research, ongoing on-page optimisation is vital to any serious SEO campaign. It involves making sure your website is search engine friendly and optimised for the keywords that your target audience are looking for. What’s the point in building your wider online presence and attempting to drive traffic to your site if your website itself isn’t fully optimised and easy to find? On-page optimisation is equally as important as how your website is viewed on the wider internet. For example search engines look at the number of relevant, high quality links to judge how important your website is and decide whether it’s worthy of a good ranking. But they look at the content of your website to see what it is about and which keywords to rank it for. If you want to make money from your website then ongoing on-page optimisation is a must, and not an area to cut costs.
  • Blog post creation – A blog or latest news section is a fantastic opportunity to add a regular stream of fresh content to your WordPress website. This shows the search engines that your website is being actively developed and that your content is not stale, compared to static pages which change less frequently. If you write your own blog posts then this element of the Standard SEO Plan isn’t essential – we’ll be happy to optimise your posts for you and provide SEO advice such as which keywords to target.
  • Social sponsored ad campaigns – Some of the budget for the Standard WordPress SEO Plan is spent on paid ads on social media. This is where we pay for ads for your website to be shown to the sort of people who are searching for your products and services. Paid ads are a good opportunity to kick-start your online marketing and drive extra traffic to your website (hopefully resulting in more sales) while the slower activities such as your free search engine ranking play catch-up. If you’re not aiming to generate business from your website then this may not be needed.
  • Extra reporting – The Standard Plan includes extra detail in your monthly SEO report including how your website is performing for all its keywords and how your sponsored social media ads are doing. These don’t directly increase the revenue that you might generate from your website and therefore aren’t essential in the same way as the other activities in this list. However if you’re investing in SEO on a monthly basis then it’s important to be able to monitor these things, if only for your peace of mind.

Do I need the extras in the Ultimate SEO Plan?

Our Ultimate WordPress SEO Plan includes some important social media marketing and SEO activities. These are quite expensive and/or time-intensive but worth the extra budget if you can afford it.

  • Targeted social content distribution – The Ultimate SEO Plan includes time which we will spend manually finding people who are actively searching for your products or services on social media, and contacting them directly. This is a fantastic form of marketing because as well as building your wider online presence, it encourages these individuals to visit your website and become paying customers. It’s time-consuming but can make a big difference.
  • Google AdWords campaign management – With this SEO plan, we will set up and manage Google AdWords on your behalf. This guarantees that your website will appear on Page 1 of Google straight away for as long as the budget permits, while your free search engine position is building more gradually.
  • Email newsletter distribution – Most SEO plans don’t cover email marketing, but it is an important part of most companies’ online marketing strategy. The Ultimate SEO Plan includes adding a MailChimp signup form to your website, aimed at building your mailing list. You then have a captive audience to send monthly newsletters to. This fits perfectly with research into marketing funnels which suggests that people are unlikely to make a purchase on the first visit to your website, but will do so as they become more familiar with your brand over time. Don’t let them get away!

These benefits combine to give the Ultimate Plan the best chance of generating paying customers from your WordPress website more quickly.

There’s no way to predict the outcome of any SEO work or social media marketing. I don’t have a crystal ball and every website is different. All we can do is follow the latest advice and best practices to raise the profile of your WordPress website in a natural, spam-free way.

The more you can afford to spend on SEO and social media marketing activities which are relevant to your website, the faster you’re likely to achieve a significant return on your investment. Read through what’s included in each SEO plan and think about whether it’s relevant to your website and your industry. Try to find a balance between a cost-effective solution and suitable exposure for your website.

Please get in touch for advice on how we can build the online presence of your WordPress website – we’d love to hear from you.