Create Wholesale Product Tables with Catalog mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing

Last Updated: June 19, 2020

WooCommerce wholesale product tables are one of the most popular use cases for our bestselling Product Table plugin. This tutorial will show you how to create wholesale order forms which automatically show different pricing to different user groups.

What does a wholesale product table look like?

A WooCommerce wholesale product table improves on the default layout that comes with WooCommerce online shops, by listing products in a wholesale-friendly grid layout. This provides a much faster buying experience for B2B and wholesale customers, speeding up the ordering process.

Your wholesale product table will look something like this:

An example of a WooCommerce Product Table with variations.

That takes care of how to list wholesale products in a tabular layout. But wholesale stores also need to be able to show the correct pricing – you’ll need an additional plugin for that.

Which wholesale pricing plugin to use?

First, you need to decide what sort of WooCommerce wholesale pricing plugin to use. This depends on whether you want to actually restrict who can see your wholesale products; or if you just want to show different pricing to wholesale users:

What is the WooCommerce Catalog mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing plugin?

WooCommerce wholesale role based pricing pluginAs the name suggests, this WooCommerce wholesale plugin lets you control the pricing and availability of your wholesale products.

The Catalog mode of the plugin transforms your WooCommerce store into a catalog of all your products, hiding the “Add to Cart” functionality. You can choose to either completely turn your store into a catalog, or just disable online ordering for selected user roles (e.g. guests or retail customers).

The most prominent feature of this plugin is that it offers discounts/markups based on WordPress user roles. This is an ideal way to sell products at reduced rates to wholesale customers. Your WooCommerce wholesale order form will display the correct prices for each user role.

WooCommerce Catalog Mode, Wholesale & Role Based Pricing

How to combine these plugins to create a WooCommerce wholesale product table

The documentation for each plugin contains full instructions on installation and basic setup, so I will move directly to configuring the plugins. Together, they form a WooCommerce wholesale suite of plugins ideal for selling to the trade. They work either as an order form or in catalog mode.

First, set up WooCommerce Product Table

Person using WooCommerce Product Table on iPad

To start with WooCommerce Product Table, install the plugin and create 1 or more product tables. These will form the basis of your WooCommerce wholesale order form. Choose options such as the columns to be displayed; the filters to be added; image size, etc. The role-based pricing plugin works with the standard and lazy load versions of WooCommerce Product Table, so you can use either of these.

Once you have set up the WooCommerce order form plugin , view the product list view in the front end.

WooCommerce Product Table
Create a wholesale product table view and speed up the buying process for trade buyers.

Consider whether to add quick view to your wholesale product tables

WooCommerce Product Table Quick View Magnifying Glass

WooCommerce Product Table is perfect for listing wholesale products, with or without an add to cart column. If you have too much information or variations to fit into the wholesale product table, then you can gain more space by using it with the WooCommerce Quick View Pro plugin.

This plugin adds quick view links and/or buttons to the product table. Wholesale buyers can use these to view more product information and purchase options in a wholesale lightbox or popup window. This lets them buy quickly without being taken to a separate page for each product. They purchase one product, and the quick view immediately closes so that they can continue adding more products to their wholesale order.

WooCommerce Quick View
The easy way to add quick view lightboxes to your wholesale product tables.

Next, set up the Catalog mode, Wholesale and Role Based Pricing plugin

Now, it’s time to set up the Catalog mode, Wholesale and Role Based Pricing plugin. Go to WooCommerce > Pricing and Discounts in the WordPress admin. I’ll tell you how to achieve several different scenarios to change the pricing and other features of your WooCommerce bulk order form.

Wholesale role based pricing

First, we’ll consider a scenario where you would like to offer role based pricing. Let’s say you want to offer different prices to the “Administrators” and “Unregistered Users”. You can equally do this by using the User Role Editor plugin to create a dedicated Wholesale user level, and setting separate wholesale prices for that role.

For instance, let’s add a markup of 100% for administrators and 1000% for unregistered users:

WooCommerce wholesale role based pricing plugin
WooCommerce price for user role plugin

You can see the different prices in your WooCommerce wholesale order form. This is how the product list looks for the logged in administrator:

WooCommerce discount for logged in administrator

And for unregistered guest users:

WooCommerce different price for guest user

As you can see, different prices appear for each user role.

Maybe you don’t want to use the wholesale order form layout for your retail customers. If not, you can add the product table to a separate page while continuing to direct retail customers to the main WooCommerce shop and category pages. Guests and retail customers will still see the correct pricing for their role, while wholesale customers will see the wholesale prices on the order form page.

Hide prices from guest users

Now, let’s consider another scenario where you want to hide the price for unregistered guest users only. To do that, go to the “Unregistered User” tab in the “Pricing and Discounts” plugin settings and enable “Hide Price”:

Hide WooCommerce price from guest users
Now, the price is hidden from unregistered users. Instead of appearing as a WooCommerce bulk order form, the add to cart button has changed to a ‘Read more’ button because guests can’t place an order:

WooCommerce hide price from logged out users

Change the Add to Cart button text for guest users

Next, let’s consider another scenario where you would like to replace the text in the “Add to Cart” button for unregistered users:

WooCommerce change add to cart text for guest users

This change is also reflected in the product table:

WooCommerce change add to cart text

Tip: If you want to change the add to cart button text globally, check out the WooCommerce Customizer plugin. 

Add a suffix after product prices in the wholesale order form

In some of the above screenshots, you might have noticed the suffix “Sea” at the end of the product price. This suffix was added through the “Tax Option” tab of the Catalog mode plugin:

WooCommerce add suffiix after price

Convert your WooCommerce bulk order form to catalog mode

The “One click Catalog mode” option also works nicely with WooCommerce Product Table:

WooCommerce catalog mode
On enabling the Catalog mode option, prices and Add to Cart buttons are hidden for all your products. Instead of functioning as a WooCommerce bulk order form, customers will see a read-only product list or catalog.

Are there any features of the plugins that don’t work together?

Though this wholesale suite of WooCommerce plugins are highly compatible and work very well together, there are some limitations. Next, I’ll tell you about the limitations and suggest workaround for some of them.

  1. When you hide the Add to Cart button from the Pricing and Discounts tab, the button will be hidden from the main WooCommerce Shop page as well as the single product page. However, the button will still appear in the product table. The workaround for this is to remove the add to cart column from the product table.
  2. When you replace the Add to Cart button with a custom URL, this URL won’t be used in the Product Table. Thus, the customer would still be able to purchase the product. Even in this case we would suggest you to remove the Add to Cart column and replace it with a custom field column. Use this to manually add a button linking to any URL.
  3. None of the products can be hidden from the product table. If you hide specific products based on user roles, then these products will be hidden only from the shop page. They will still be visible in the product table.

Create your wholesale product tables today!

By combining the right plugins, you can create your own suite of WooCommerce wholesale pricing and product tables, with extra features like Quick View. They’re really easy to set up and you won’t need to write any code.

Please let us know how you get on in the comments below – we’d love to hear from you.

WooCommerce Product Table
It's time to start creating your wholesale product tables!

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