Build a Product Table with WooCommerce Add to Quote Buttons

WooCommerce Product Table Add to Quote Buttons

Customers often ask if our bestselling Product Table plugin works with any WooCommerce ‘add to quote’ plugins. Thanks to our colleagues at O’Brien Design, we can now tell you about a request a quote plugin that works perfectly with product table layouts.

What is an Add to Quote plugin?

If you’re listing products in a table, you might want customers to request a quote instead of buying online. This is essential if you provide bespoke services or custom pricing which varies for each customer.

A WooCommerce Add to Quote plugin replaces the usual Add to Cart links with ‘Add to Quote’ buttons. Your customers can select as many products as they like, choose the quantity, and create a bespoke list. They can then view the list and submit the quote request to you.

Which WooCommerce Add to Quote plugin can I use with product tables?

O’Brien Design have developed a website for a client by combining WooCommerce Product Table with the WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin. They have confirmed that the two plugins work perfectly together.

No extra config was needed. On installing the plugins and creating product tables, the WooCommerce add to quote buttons appear in the table instead of add to cart buttons.

WooCommerce add to quote plugin

This demo shows the working ‘Request a Quote’ buttons in the WooCommerce table. When you add a product to the quote, it is added to a list with the required quantity.

Note: The Add to Quote buttons only work with the standard usage of WooCommerce Product Table. They are not compatible with the lazy load option, so you must leave this disabled. 

Where can customers see their quote request?

The WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin comes with a ‘Request For a Quote’ page. This lists the products you have added to the quote request, and includes a form to submit the request.

If you’re using the add to quote plugin with WooCommerce Product Table, then you can link to this page from your navigation menu. Alternatively, you can add a button linking to the page above/below the product table.

The plugin also comes with a sidebar widget which updates instantly when you add products to the quote request. If you’re using WooCommerce product tables on a page with a sidebar, then you can use the widget here.

Does WooCommerce Product Table work with other Add to Quote plugins?

At the moment, WooCommerce Request a Quote is the only add to quote plugin that we know WooCommerce Product Table is compatible with.

If you wish to use it with other WooCommerce add to quote plugins, we can’t guarantee that this will work. However, we offer a full 30-day money back guarantee, so feel free to test it with other plugins. You can get a refund (or switch to WooCommerce Request a Quote!) if they don’t work together.

(Tip: Product tables are most likely to work with add to quote plugins that replace the built-in WooCommerce add to cart button. If they add extra buttons – in addition to add to cart – then they are unlikely to work in the product table.)

Please let us know if you discover other WooCommerce add to quote plugins that work with product tables. We’d love to tell people about it, and can even publish a link to your site!

Next steps

We hope you enjoy using WooCommerce Request a Quote and WooCommerce Product Table to create table layouts with add to quote buttons.

Thanks to Chris from O’Brien Design for letting us share this information. We know it will be helpful to lots of people wanting to use product tables with request a quote options.

We’d love to see your finished website in action – please add a link in the comments below!