How to Create WooCommerce Bulk Variations Forms (In 3 Steps)

By Last Updated: October 10, 2019

When it comes to e-commerce, making it easy for your customers to browse and purchase products is a must. Online shoppers want to find the items they need and add them to their virtual carts quickly. Helping them accomplish this is key to boosting sales.

By creating a product table that acts as an online order form, you can make browsing and purchasing as simple as possible. Customers will appreciate the user-friendly nature of an order form, especially if it lets them select multiple variations of a single item in bulk.

Adding bulk variations to a virtual shopping cart.

In this article, we’ll discuss the benefits of using WooCommerce bulk variations order forms on your e-commerce site. We’ll also provide you with steps on how to create one using the WooCommerce Product Table plugin. Let’s get going!

The benefits of using WooCommerce bulk variations forms

Some online stores sell multiple variations of the same product. For example, clothing stores generally sell items in more than one size. Color and material are two other common variations. You might even consider offering e-books, albums, games, or movies as variations on a generic product.

By default, WooCommerce only enables customers to buy variations of an item on its individual product page. This can make the buying process long and complicated for customers who have a lot of purchases to make.

Displaying product variations in a table that also acts as an online order form offers several benefits to both you and your visitors:

  • Customers can select as many items as they want in one place, streamlining bulk variation purchases.
  • By enabling visitors to view all your product variations on a single page, you can increase the chance that they’ll see multiple options they want, and purchase more items.
  • Simplifying the checkout process makes it more likely that customers will buy additional products.
  • A smooth checkout process also improves your e-commerce site’s user experience, encouraging customers to return time and time again.

In addition, you can make it easy for customers to see every variation of each product, by listing them on individual rows. This way, variations appear almost like distinct products, encouraging customers to browse all of their options and buy in bulk:

Product variations on separate rows.

Alternatively, if you have many products and listing each variation makes your table seem cluttered, you can display options in drop-down menus instead:

Product variations in drop-down menus.

This way, customers can still see all the available variations in the order form, and quickly add the ones they want to their carts in bulk from a single page.

Check out the Woo Product Table demo!

Displaying WooCommerce bulk variations: 3 case studies

To get a better feel for what we’re talking about, let’s look at two examples of sites that use tables to display WooCommerce bulk variations in a single order form. They exemplify the two methods of creating bulk variation forms: listing variations in individual rows, or using a dropdown menu to make variation selections.

One e-commerce business using this technique is Davora. This company creates what it calls ‘Cards of Culture’ – greeting cards for lesser-known holidays and occasions. It sells these cards wholesale to retailers, so making it easy to purchase multiple variations is especially important:

The Davora website's product table.

With this WooCommerce bulk variations form, Davora enables its customers to quickly purchase cards in different colors and styles. Instead of having to select each variation individually, add it to the cart, and then return to the product page for the next one, customers can simply click the Add to Basket button for each variation right in the table.

Next up, Mechanical Air Supplies used our code snippets to automatically list bulk variations on the single product page template. This was essential due to the large number of variations for each product.

WooCommerce variations list table

Omas added extra features using other from the WooCommerce Product Table compatibility list. This includes WooCommerce Wholesale Prices and several YITH plugins.

Finally, Darren Bowen creates products printed with his original photographs, including coffee mugs and laptop sleeves. To help customers purchase mugs in multiple sizes, this site includes bulk variation ordering forms as well:

The Darren Bowen website's product table.

In this form, customers can select which size mug they want from a drop-down menu and add it to their cart. If they want the same mug in multiple sizes, they can then simply keep making choices and hitting Add to Cart. This makes for quick-and-easy ordering, both for individuals and vendors.

How to create WooCommerce bulk variations forms (in 3 steps)

Creating product variations is something any WooCommerce user can do. In the steps below, we’ll focus on using our plugin, WooCommerce Product Table, to add those variations to a table and create a bulk order form.

Get WooCommerce Product Table!

Step 1: Install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table plugin

Once you have your product variations set up, the first thing you’ll need to do is get WooCommerce Product Table:

WooCommerce Product Table
An easy-to-use plugin for WooCommerce bulk variations forms.

After purchasing the plugin and downloading its .zip file, head over to your WordPress site. Make sure you have your license key handy as well (which should have been emailed to you).

Navigate to Plugins → Add New in your WP dashboard, and click on the Upload Plugin button at the top of the screen. Here you can select the .zip file for WooCommerce Product Table and upload it. Once it’s finished installing, click on the blue Activate button:

Activating the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

Next, you’ll want to head over to your plugins list. Beneath WooCommerce Product Table, click on Settings. On the resulting screen, you should see the field where you’ll need to enter your license key. Copy and paste the key there, and then scroll down and click on Save Changes.

The WooCommerce Product Table settings page.

Now that your plugin is fully installed and activated, you can get started on building your WooCommerce bulk variations form.

Step 2: Configure the settings for your WooCommerce bulk variations form

One of the great things about WC Product Table is how customizable the plugin is. There are several useful and easy-to-access settings you can configure, which helps you make your product table just right for your online store.

For starters, you’ll probably want to customize your table’s content. You can designate what columns you want to appear in your table, whether or not to include images, the length of your product descriptions, and more:

The Table Contents settings.

You can also enable lazy loading for your table. If you have a large number of products available, and you plan to include them all in your table, this setting is particularly helpful. It will make sure your order form doesn’t slow your site down:

The Lazy Loading settings.

Additionally, search and filter features will make it easier for your customers to find specific products they’re interested in. Under Table Controls, for example, you can enable product filters. If you like, you can even customize the features customers will use to filter products. Then in the Search Box settings, you can choose to hide or show the table’s search box, and position it.

It’s also a good idea to take a look at the Add to Cart column settings. An Add to Cart button is key to turning your table in a functioning order form. Here you can include one, and then determine its style, positioning, and text:

The Add to Cart settings.

To enable bulk variation orders, you’ll also want to add a quantity selector so that customers can order multiple copies of a single item with one click. Finally, you can also configure the Variations settings. Here you can show variations in your table either as drop-down menus, or in individual rows:

The Variations settings.

Individual rows offer the most information, while drop-down menus keep your order form short and tidy. Which option you use is completely up to you. Once you’re done customizing the settings on this page, don’t forget to save your changes.

Step 3: Add your bulk variations order form to any page

The last thing you’ll need to do to get your order form up and running is add it to a page on your website. WooCommerce Product Table makes this simple – all you need is a single shortcode.

For best results, you may want to consider adding your table to its own page. You can customize that page however you’d like, adding a title and supplementary information as needed. Then, add the [product_table] shortcode to it, wherever you’d like your order form to appear:

The WooCommerce Product Table shortcode.

This will display a table on the front end of your site, and pull in all the settings you tweaked during the last step. Your WooCommerce bulk variations form is now ready for your customers! If you add or remove products or change settings, the table will update automatically.

Can I generate a bulk variations table dynamically on the single product page?

The simplest option is to use a shortcode to list bulk variations anywhere on your site. If you want to automate this, then we’ve provided some code snippets. Use these to replace the default variation dropdowns on the individual product pages with a bulk variations table.


A WooCommerce bulk variations form is the easiest way for customers to purchase several varieties of a single product. By improving this process for your online shoppers, you can provide a better customer experience and increase your sales.

In this article, we demonstrated how to create a bulk variations order form with WooCommerce Product Table:

  1. Install and activate the WooCommerce Product Table plugin.
  2. Configure the settings for your product table.
  3. Add your bulk variations order form to any page.
WooCommerce Product Table
Start create WooCommerce bulk variations forms today - the easy way!

Do you have any other questions about creating a WooCommerce bulk variations form for your e-commerce site? Ask them in the comments section below!

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