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Published on: Updated: March 26, 2018

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As a specialist WordPress agency, our team includes experienced WooCommerce Developers. Recently we have been developing more and more WordPress e-commerce websites using the world leading WooCommerce plugin. I thought this would be a good time to collate some examples of our WooCommerce work.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is the world’s leading WordPress e-commerce plugin and transforms a standard WordPress website into a fully functioning online shop.

WooCommerce itself is free and comes complete with all the features that most people need from an e-commerce store. There are hundreds of WooCommerce plugins available, which can be used to extend WooCommerce to add extra functionality – for example extra payment processors or shipping methods.

Given the open source nature of WordPress and all its plugins, WordPress developers all over the world can release WooCommerce plugins – you can purchase the official extensions or third party plugins such as our bestselling WooCommerce Product Table plugin.

As well as using off-the-shelf plugins, an experienced WooCommerce developer can create their own plugins to meet individual requirements. WooCommerce can even be used as the foundation for a completely bespoke e-commerce system.

Examples of WooCommerce websites we have developed

Our WooCommerce developers have designed a wide range of WooCommerce websites. This includes basic WooCommerce websites using its built-in features, custom systems powered by WooCommerce, and everything in between. I hope these case studies will provide useful examples of the different requirements which can be met using WooCommerce.

WooCommerce website with custom layouts

WordPress photography website design

DestinSparks Photography is a WooCommerce website built using the popular Avada theme. Avada is designed to work with WooCommerce, but the client wanted to use Avada’s portfolio layout instead of its product layouts to sell his photographic prints. Our WooCommerce developers customised the e-commerce templates to allow products to be purchased using the portfolio layout.

Read more about this project in our portfolio.

WooCommerce membership website with automatic discounts and events bookings

WordPress wine club membership website screenshot

Vinifera Wine Club is a complex e-commerce website which our WooCommerce developers created by combining off-the-shelf plugins with some bespoke development. It uses WooCommerce with various add-on plugins to add extra functionality:

  • Automatic discounts to logged in members and new users who have the membership product in their cart, with different discounts for different product categories
  • Event bookings
  • Ability to purchase ongoing membership subscriptions, which automatically gives access to a protected members-only area of the website
  • Custom development to allow users to pay a deposit for event bookings in a specific category only
  • Full integration so that users can purchase membership, physical products and events in a single checkout process

Read more about this project in our portfolio.

Learning Management System (LMS) e-commerce website and online shop

WordPress e-commerce LMS website design

The Dr. Claudia Welch website is currently a fairly standard WooCommerce site which sells physical and downloadable products. It has a few add-ons to add features such as free giveaways which are attached to certain products.

Our WooCommerce developers are in the process of extending this website into a complete Learning Management System (LMS), with online courses which can be purchased at the same time as physical and downloadable products. Students will be able to register and pay for the course, login and learn directly on the website.

Read more about this project in our portfolio.

WooCommerce website with product catalogue but no online purchasing

WooCommerce Web Design

The FlamePro website is a WooCommerce site that one of our WooCommerce developers has modified to disable online payments. Instead of an ‘Add to Cart’ button, an ‘Enquire’ button appears. Clicking it generates a custom contact form which is specific to that product.

Read more about this project in our portfolio.

Custom WooCommerce booking system

Our WooCommerce developers built a custom booking system for a company in Berlin called Beats Per Minute which was never launched as they went out of business, however the website was complete and was built on top of WooCommerce.

This bespoke e-commerce system allowed musicians to select a training room to practice in, select an available timeslot, add multiple timeslots to their WooCommerce cart, and pay via PayMill.

Read more about this project in our portfolio.

Looking for a WooCommerce developer?

We’re one of the UK’s leading WordPress agencies and can provide all the services that most WooCommerce customers require. This includes designing your WooCommerce website, setting up the overall site, professional copywriting OR adding your content and formatting it in a professional-looking way (unlike many companies, we spend a lot of time on content and don’t just dump it on the page!), standard WooCommerce setups, extended WooCommerce shops using a range of add-on plugins, managed WordPress hosting (provided via WP Engine), software updates and maintenance.

Although we can create custom WordPress themes based on your designs, our speciality is designing websites using a theme. For most of our clients, we find that this is the most cost-effective way to build a professional-looking website. It helps to free up the budget for functionality rather than design, for example developing a more sophisticated WooCommerce online shop and associated features.

Any WordPress theme can be integrated with WooCommerce as we can style the e-commerce pages to match the rest of your website, creating a consistent look and feel. This is important as there’s nothing worse than WooCommerce websites with shop pages that look ‘bolted on’. To reduce costs, there are many themes available which already contain styling for WooCommerce which is a great option. We can help you to choose a theme that works with your brand and looks fantastic.

Please get in touch to discuss your WooCommerce project.

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